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Shiro celebrates the 10th anniversary of No Game no Life

Celebrations for the tenth anniversary of the anime adaptation of the “No Game No Life” light novel are still going on in Japan. Not only because of some collaborations that various Japanese companies are carrying out and that have Shiro and more characters as the main stars, but also because the people who have worked on the franchise in general have contributed their bit to celebrate this special anniversary together with the fans.

For this special occasion, the wife of the author of the original light novel and in charge of the respective manga adaptation of the work, Mashiro Hiiragi, has decided to prepare an incredible surprise for fans of the franchise and through her personal Twitter account posted a captivating illustration that stars Shiro, the female protagonist of the series’ story.

No Game no Life: Shiro celebrates anime’s 10th anniversary with amazing artwork

No Game No Life Shiro Ilus

It is worth noting that this illustration, presented by illustrator Mashiro Hiiragi, takes as inspiration one of Shiro’s visuals that was used in a special event for the tenth anniversary of the anime series, where we could see Shiro wearing a revealing outfit that was to the liking of Japanese fans of No Game no Life.

Another detail to note is that this event featured the characters Izuna Hatsuse, Stephanie Dola, Jibril and Shiro. It was held at the AKIHABARA Gamers main store last April 19 and ended on May 12 this year. The event consisted of a line of products created for this special occasion.

Las Waifus De No Game No Life Asombran A Fans En Productos

No Game no Life” is a light novel written and illustrated by Yuu Kamiya. The light novel began publication under Media Factory’s MF Bunko J imprint in April 2012. Currently, Media Factory has published 12 volumes in total and a few months ago it was reported that the franchise managed to surpass 6 million copies in circulation.

The work also has a manga adaptation, created by Yuu Kamiya and Mashiro Hiragi. The manga “No Game no Life” began serialization in Media Factory’s Comic Alive magazine in January 2013. In addition, a parallel series titled “No Game no Life, Please!” began publication in May 2015 through Comic Alive magazine and ended in November 2017.

The anime adaptation of the light novel “No Game no Life” began broadcasting last April 9, 2014. The anime consisted of a total of 12 episodes and a movie titled “No Game no Life Zero” which was released in theaters in Japan on July 15, 2017. The animation studio Madhouse was in charge of its production and the series has a English dub.

¡No Game No Life Está De Regreso Con Nuevo Anime!

No Game no Life takes us into a place where the boundaries between the real world and the game world are blurred in a dance of strategy and challenge. In the most enigmatic corner of the network, a legend emerges that unfolds between avatars and games: “Blank”.

In this virtual world, “Blank” is the pseudonym that resonates with awe and admiration, belonging to two NEET brothers who, despite their confined lives, have become an unstoppable force sweeping away records and opponents in hundreds of games. Sora, the resourceful 18-year-old, and Shiro, the 11-year-old prodigy with seeming indifference, are the masters of this unbeatable duo, with a perfect collection of victories.

A twist of fate presents them with an unusual and disturbing challenge: an anonymous email that launches them into a chess duel. Their unquestioned victory earns them immediate entry into an alternate world bursting with color and vitality. In this new scenario, a mischievous and enigmatic being known as Tet, who calls himself the “One True God”, introduces them to a cosmos where disputes and conflicts are not resolved with weapons or violence, but through ingenious and subtle games.

In this corner of the multiverse, the 16 races that inhabit this enchanted land coexist under an unprecedented system of rules. In the hierarchy of power, humans are at the lowest rung, barely surviving in a lonely city. Despite the challenges they face, both do not falter, but embrace a bold goal: to challenge the supremacy of the “One True God,” Tet, and establish themselves as the architects of their own destiny in this world where war and bloodshed have faded into the oblivion of centuries.

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