Shigure Ui

Shigure Ui breaks records with her viral song

The VTuber Shigure Ui is trending, well, those who have been using social networks like TikTok, Instagram or Facebook have been able to see some popularity of a song, which has gone viral to the point of in a short time accumulating more than 30 million views, which is a remarkable achievement taking into account the few days since this came out, just a month ago and already has a recognition on the platform.

Vtuber Shigure ui surpasses 30 million views on the Youtube platform.

Released as part of a new single, since just a year ago the artist uploaded her first album called “The rain doesn’t stop yet”, which was a success, although leaving aside her musical works and presenting a bit of her career, this Vtuber and anime illustrator Shigure Ui, in charge of character designs for series like OsaMake or Wixoss DIva(A)live, a few years ago decided to take the reins and become a virtual Youtuber, a choice made by many content creators in recent years, if you want to support her, you can see her official page here.

Taking again the line about the song, in this one we hear a tender voice representing a l0l1, with a catchy rhythm very recurrent in this kind of songs, with lyrics that can be tender and at the same time disturbing for all lovers of these Imoutos, offering us a direct pass to jail to those who we approach, something very threatening, also confronting all those fans of this kind of girls, exclaiming that they can be creeps, the duality of a l0li that has caused a sensation, which makes this a really unique song by Shigure Ui, very viralized in networks.

Shigure Ui Ilustración 1

This viral phenomenon just keep growing, becoming a complete hit by Shigure Ui, presented in his statistics in one of the 25 most influential music videos on YouTube in recent weeks, it is to be expected that with more than one million subscribers has had so much influence, plus his career dates from the first decade of the 21st century, where his work as an artist and later as a Virtual Youtuber, have given him all the necessary support to make this possible.

Shigure Ui is someone who has always been in the medium making incredible illustrations of very good quality, which has led her to have a large fan base, a gentle and positive person who tends to be very charismatic, her avatar, character with which she performs her task of Vtuber, is a 16-year-old schoolgirl who presents a palette of soft colors to the eye and a brightness in her facial features, something that demonstrates the commitment of the artist to offer a fresh image that motivates her fans, a true professional.

Shigure Ui Ilustración 2

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