Seiyuus express their displeasure with VTubers

The seiyuus are a fundamental part when talking about anime adaptations, they are in charge of transmitting through the voice all the feelings and emotions that a character may have. It could be said that they are in charge of humanizing what used to be a 2D character. Since long ago, there have been seiyuus in anime that today are considered legends, for their great work in the interpretation of a character. However, being a seiyuu brings with it a tough competition among peers and even other talents outside the medium.

Seiyuus show their dissatisfaction with Vtubers

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Nowadays, and thanks to the increasing popularity of anime, more and more artists decide to become seiyuu and lend their voice to an endearing character. However, just as this occupation has a high demand and acceptance, there is another that has also become very popular among young people, gaining many fans, these are the Vtubers. Let’s remember that a Vtuber is a user who creates content with the particularity of using a 3D character.

That is where this nonconformity arises in the world of voice actors. This has triggered several issues that give rise to annoyance on the part of the seiyuus. One of them is the constant comparison among fans, as some of them claim that the seiyuus have gone out of fashion and that they are bored with them, so they prefer the content of the Vtubers. Other fans mention that they can consume both without a problem and finally another group of fans mention that if they are anime fans, they do not delve into who does the voice of their favorite character, so they do not know the world of the seiyuus and that is where they fall into the content of the Vtubers.

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Another factor that has intensified the discontent of the seiyuu artists is that within this medium, it is estimated that a Vtuber can be earning much more than a voice actor. This is annoying to the seiyuus because they require professional training that requires time and money, while an internet user can open a channel out of nowhere and start being a Vtuber without all the effort that a seiyuu devotes.

In this article you can read what a seiyuu says it takes to be a professional in the medium, both in education, money and effort. We also leave you this other note the most requested seiyuus of 2023, showing that they still have a lot of work and continue to delight us with their wonderful work in incredible works. Being a dubbing actor requires a lot of ability, effort and dedication, that is why we must appreciate more the great work they do, and all the passion that each and every one of them puts into the anime in which they participate.

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