Train to the End of the World

Seiyuu from Train to the End of the World apologizes in networks

Seiyuu (Voice Actor) Junji Majima, known for participating in anime such as Train to the End of the World or JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has generated controversy after a post made on social media on June 20. This prompted Junji to issue an apology for his inappropriate social media post, Majima’s comments about train seats on Twitter/X sparked controversy and led him to reflect on the lack of consideration in his words.

Junji Majima, voice actor in Train to the End of the World, apologizes for reckless comment on social networks

Train To The End Of The World Seiyuu Junji Majima

On June 24, Junji Majima used his Twitter/X account to express his regret and apologies for some comments he made, acknowledging that his words were not expressed the way he would have liked and that he did not really think about what other people might have felt. In the official statement, he expressed, “I offer my sincerest apologies for causing discomfort to everyone with my careless comments, and for causing significant inconvenience to the people involved.”

The incident originated from a publication where the actor detailed a personal experience on a train, published on June 20, which generated controversy, in this, Junji Majima described a moment lived in a train where he sat next to a woman, which soon after would change seats. After a few stations, Junji Majima then sat next to another woman, who also decided to do the same, the voice actor interpreted these movements as an unwanted rejection and commented on the situation in a way that many considered insensitive.

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Junji Majima’s apology serves as a reminder of the importance of being considerate and respectful on social media, words can have a significant impact even when they are not intended to cause harm, it is important to be mindful of other people and consider how our words may be interpreted by others.

Junji Majima is a Japanese Seiyuu noted for his ability to bring various characters to life in the world of anime. Majima has made a notable mark in the dubbing industry with notable performances such as Neko-nii in Train to the End of the World, Ryuuji Takasu in Toradora, Ryunosuke Chiba in Assassination Classroom, and Melone in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind, his vocal versatility and ability to convey emotions have made him a favorite among anime fans, establishing himself as a prominent figure in the Japanese voice acting community.