Schoolgirl in Japan causes sensation for her resemblance to some anime girls

As many of our dear readers know in Japan for some reason some of the strangest and most bizarre things we can imagine happen, from boys hosting runaway schoolgirls, political collectives labeling anime fans as criminals to pantsu delinquents. This time a high school girl has stolen the attention of her classmates and has gone viral on X for a situation that reminds us of the famous phrase “life is not an anime” but also makes us question whether it really is.

This girl has caused a sensation in X Japan due to her resemblance to some anime protagonists!

It turns out that in Japan, the user on X before Twitter called “EnakorinLOVEe” shared some photos of his classmate (with her consent) where he exposed her slender figure and her great attributes. The user mentioned in the publication that his classmate was “really very attractive”, so he thought of showing this series of images to his followers so they could admire her beauty. Evidently with the consent of the girl involved, as in a second post with another image he made this clear.

This publication quickly caught the attention of many boys and girls on the social network in Japan, to such an extent that it accumulated more than 28 thousand likes on the platform and as expected, the reactions quickly came from both sides. Many guys praised the figure of the user’s partner, commenting that they really had a very athletic figure, as well as very attractive feminine attributes. Some of them even compared her to an anime character from the new winter 2024 season.

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Some even commented that this girl really looked like a character or heroine taken from an anime, since in a very peculiar way they compared her great attributes with the stereotype of anime schoolgirls where they also have these physical characteristics exalted and increased. There were also some users who brought up the phrase “life is not an anime” saying that once again it was demonstrated that it was not true (but as we have seen above, this is only valid for Japan).

However, there was also a sector that criticized the user for having uploaded these images of his partner, commenting that this was in very bad taste and saying that this situation was very serious, as it was harassment. Even some, ignoring that this was consensual, commented that the girl should have gone to the police, since it was a crime to upload photos “without consent”.

As we can see once again, Japan has given us a most curious anecdote, which many anime fans do not lose a second to relate it to the industry, and its particular but very characteristic aesthetic when it comes to portraying the female cast in the series. So now it’s your turn to tell us your impressions about this post that has gone viral in Japan.

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