Satellizer L. Bridget

Satellizer L. Bridget by Freezing will captivate you with its realistic version.

The charming protagonist of Freezing, the beautiful Satellizer L. Bridget is known for being very strong and beautiful, two attributes that can certainly be lethal, her beauty has captivated her fans and as we know. Fans have thousands of ways to express their affection, this time the user mysmartarts on the Instagram platform, did us the favor of sharing some incredible images where we can see Satellizer and give us a vague idea of what she would be like in real life.

Freezing’s Satellizer L. Bridget looks stunning in artwork

Satellizer L. Bridget De Freezing Se Vuelve Real En Bellas Imágenes

The protagonist of Freezing is a very beautiful woman, her long blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes only make her look more striking. As you can see in the illustrations, the beautiful Satellizer wears her characteristic blue headband, the images show our protagonist in the center, we can see her from the hip to the head. This is interesting because this way we can pay much more attention to the character, it is not such a personal shot but it is a very contemplative one,

It is possible to appreciate her beautiful physique, her curves and her pretty face, just like in Freezing, the images show us Satellizer with her red dress that we are used to see her in the anime/manga. The golden details make the garment stand out in the moonlight, the dress is open at the top, allowing us to see her shoulders and much of her chest, only that unlike the anime, in these images Satellizer does not wear shoulder pads with the emblem of Genetics.

Satellizer L. Bridget De Freezing Se Vuelve Real En Bellas Imágenes

Each of the dresses shown in the illustrations are a little different from each other, it is as if the author has taken some liberties to show us different variations of the garment, which is excellent. We know Satellizer from Freezing and thanks to this we can get an idea of how she would look like if she wore other types of clothes, of course without losing the essence of the original work.

The illustrations are a clear tribute to the work of Freezing, we can see Satellizer’s hair waving in the wind, we appreciate her calm and serene expression, we must remember that in the anime/manga Satellizer is a lonely and cold character, we could say that in the images Satellizer looks mysterious. His gaze is always directed to the front, it seems that he makes eye contact with us and the sunlight or moonlight depending on the image, are filtered to create light and shadows in different parts of his face and body.

Satellizer L. Bridget De Freezing Se Vuelve Real En Bellas Imágenes

The scenarios where Satellizer is found are all outdoors, besides the ocean is like another character in the images, we can see rock in the background, a bridge or even the sand of a beach. In Freezing’s work our protagonist Satellizer does not have much freedom and spends a very hard childhood before becoming the strong Pandora we already know.

It may also be with that intention that these images have been created, to show us how Satellizer is beautiful, strong and free, and there is no doubt that she looks spectacular in the illustrations and achieves what we were looking for, to show us how Satellizer would look like in real life. No doubt this is the dream of any fan, to see how one of their favorite characters would look like in the flesh, of course these images only give us a glimpse of this dream, but we can not deny that it would be wonderful if at some point it would come true. Nowadays big franchises are very profitable, maybe at some point a live-action film will be presented, it is worth dreaming, isn’t it?

Satellizer L. Bridget De Freezing Se Vuelve Real En Bellas Imágenes