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Sakura Card Captor – Sakura Kinomoto surprises her fans in magical figure

This article is about one of the most beloved works by the community, the quintessential magical girl, Sakura Kinomoto, who is part of the childhood of many people. Sakura Card Captor is a manga written and illustrated by a group of mangakas called CLAMP. The story follows a cute girl named Sakura Kinomoto who discovers that she has magical powers. Today we will focus on talking about this lovely girl whose figure was made possible by Good Smile Company.

The most beloved magical girl of all in Sakura Card Captor: Sakura Kinomoto stars in cute figure

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The figure is called Sakura Kinomoto: Always Together ~Pinky Promise~, and it shows the protagonist Sakura Kinomoto from Sakura Card Captor. She is wearing a pink dress with a lot of ruffles that make it look very fluffy. The color fades from white at the edges to a more intense pink at the waist. The sleeves of the dress are puffy, transparent and also have this fading effect that goes from white at the shoulder to pink at the wrist. Sakura has some small details in white on her wrists.

The corset of the dress has a red gem in the center and some small details along the chest that resemble a flower. Sakura holds a large bouquet of flowers in her right arm, where we can see different varieties of roses. Their colors are also different, we find shades of violet, red, yellow, turquoise, as well as other details in the bunch. Each of the colors from the bouquet to Sakura Kinomoto’s dress are pastel tones, which accentuate the tenderness and innocence of the character.

The face of the sweet Sakura from Sakura Card Captor is angelic and very expressive. She has a wide smile that characterizes her face, her eyes are round and huge, with their particular green color and their sparkle that makes her look dreamy. Her orange hair has loose strands that give the impression of movement and is sweetly adorned with a tiara or crown that gives her a majestic touch. It is worth mentioning that the attention to detail is glorious, from the frame that surrounds Sakura Kinomoto, to the flowers that are under the figure and rise, making it seem that the flowers envelop her.

Promotional video of the Sakura Card Captor figurine

Now, getting a little more technical, the figure Sakura Kinomoto: Always Together ~Pinky Promise~, has an approximate height of 530 mm, includes a base to facilitate placing the figure on any surface, is made with high quality ABS and PVC materials, which, as you can see in the figure, provide a palette of very well defined colors, incredibly detailed details, giving us the feeling that the character came out of the anime itself.

If you want to buy the figure of Sakura Kinomoto from Sakura Card Captor, I have to say that it costs about 513.99 dollars. Regarding the figure of Sakura Kinomoto: Always Together ~Pinky Promise~, we must mention that it is a commemorative figure, created as part of a collaboration project between CLAMP and Good Smile Company to celebrate the 30th anniversary of CLAMP and the 20th anniversary of Good Smile Company.

As I said before, the story of Sakura Card Captor follows a cute girl named Sakura Kinomoto who discovers that she has magical powers, because she accidentally releases a set of cards that were inside a book, which she had discovered in her father’s library. As a result of this incident, a guardian appears and, seeing that many of the cards have been scattered in different places, names Sakura a “cardcaptor” and entrusts her to go in search of the cards to prevent a catastrophe from occurring. Without a doubt, an essential classic that is worth watching over and over again.

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