Re:Zero – Surprise with “buff” on Emilia’s breasts

Recently, after the Japanese event known as AnimeJapan 2024, a new promotional video for the third season of Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World) was presented. This surprised the fans, because in the two minutes that the video lasts we could appreciate part of the story that we will see in the third part, accompanied by new and terrible enemies. Something that many were also waiting for was the appearance of the waifus, where Emilia stole the attention of the viewers, as they noticed a certain increase in her attributes.

Do Emilia’s attributes increase with each new season of Re:Zero?


In social networks, more specifically on Facebook and X/Twitter, a debate was generated about the reason for this “buff” in Emilia. Since her first appearance and throughout the first season we observed that Emilia had a certain size in her bust, it was not until the second season that we saw a certain “reduction” in this part, either by the change in her clothes or by some error on the part of the Staff. Now, with the premiere of the promotional video, her bust is not only more noticeable with her classic outfit, but now it seems that it has increased considerably.

Some fans mentioned that this type of “enhancements” would make the number of fans grow when they saw Emilia’s new look, others mentioned that her new physique would only be surpassed by Priscilla and Frederica. There were also those who thought that this increase was due to the fact that Emilia could be pregnant, a rather far-fetched theory, but that would be generated by one of the dialogues of the last episodes of the second season.

In case you don’t remember, after her battle with one of the Three Great Beasts, Oousagi the big rabbit, Emilia and Subaru sit on some stairs to talk for a while about some issues, after a while Emilia blushes and asks Subaru what to do with the child she is carrying in her belly. This leaves Subaru puzzled, because he doesn’t know what Emilia is referring to, she tells him that because of the kiss they had given each other, she now had their child in her womb. Undoubtedly, this moment became one of the funniest in the anime.


As for the real reason for the change in the waifu’s body, it is most likely due to her classic dress, which is a little tighter and highlights the part of the attributes, revealing the immensity of these. Unlike her long dress, which is looser and more comfortable, which ends up covering the said area and as a result her breasts become almost imperceptible to all onlookers.

With all this said, now we can only wait for October 2024, which is when the third season of Re:Zero is planned to be released. In which we will continue with this adventure and we will see if Subaru remains firm to his ideals and tries to do the impossible so that his companions do not perish along the way, retrying as many times as necessary to achieve his goal.

Re: Zero Season 3 Visual

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