Re:Zero fans say they’ve run out of ideas for Rem figures

The popular isekai novel series “Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu” (Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World), have taken a lot of prominence in recent years. Considering that the anime adaptations they get serve to promote the original work; this is a successful case, since from its first broadcast in 2015 it stunned many more fans than it already counted. And of course, what captivates many are its waifus, for which several join to follow the story.

Rem from Re:Zero has explored too many styles

Rem And The Little Rabbit Girl Re Zero Ind

And while we are waiting for the third season, here we leave you this other note so you can be prepared for her return. Today we are going to talk about one of the favorite girls by the fans. A girl who has won the affection of many for being someone a little shy, but very determined to defend with all her strength those she appreciates. We are talking about the cute maid, who originally wears a black and white suit, with light blue eyes and hair, Rem.

We all know that apart from cosplays, the immense world of collectible figures inspired by anime continues to grow year after year. Sometimes these figures are based on popular characters, some of these figures become limited edition and others have a wide range of costumes that have no end; as is the case of Rem. But this time, fans of Re:Zero have expressed their opinion about the “excessive” number of figures inspired by this character.

Re: Zero - Rem Enseña Su Atractivo Al Público En Hermosa Figura
Re Zero Rem 1

Recently, fans of the Re:Zero franchise, have generated a small debate around collectible figures inspired by Rem, some from major companies such as Good Smile Company and FuRuy, among others. These opinions arose from comments in which fans wondered how many figures of this waifu have been released. They have pointed out that these figures have even become exaggerated; speculating that the ideas to continue releasing figures are running out.

The variety of figures inspired by Rem has explored many, many styles, for example: in swimsuit, bunny, with the Subaru uniform, with “tactical” suit and weapons, even flirty and sexy figures, among others. Even some inspired by magical girl and even using a space suit. Many have commented that this should not be possible if the series is set in a medieval world and if this Rem series has only generated sales numbers.

Re Zero Rem
Re Zero Rem 4

Many others have also questioned that in these Re:Zero Rem figures, only little has been modified to the original figure, such as the expression on the face and that it already looks like something serialized, without much difference between them. The question is how far the companies are capable of releasing as many figures as they can and to what extent the fans will accept this endless number of possibilities; firmly believing that the ideas for these have already been exhausted.

Just as many internet users have gone so far as to say that it is time for this excessive flood of figures to stop. Admittedly, not only Rem is one of the most exploited characters in the industry, highlighting characters such as the popular Vocaloid Miku, however, this is a particular case, since it is a popularity that cannot be compared. Despite these opinions, we know that even so, fans will continue to buy these figures and other Re:Zero products. Tell us, do you think that these figures have become excessive and without more options to offer?