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Review of Trinity Trigger: Save Trinitia!

In the vast universe of video games, there is always room for titles that, without trying to reinvent the wheel, manage to attract players with their charm and nostalgia. Trinity Trigger, developed by Three Rings, is a clear example of this. This game is an RPG that feels like a trip back to the golden days of the PlayStation 1, offering an experience that, although familiar, manages to keep us hooked from start to finish. Join us in this analysis to discover everything that Trinity Trigger has to offer.

Trailer of Trinity Trigger


In Trinity Trigger, we enter Trinitia, a world shaken by an endless war between the Gods of Order and Chaos. The narrative relies on an unexpected hero, Cyan, the Warrior of Chaos. Cyan is not the villain one might expect. Instead, chaos is represented as freedom, while order is shown as oppression and control.

Along with Cyan, are Elise and Zantis, two characters who join his cause by influence of one of the gods of the world. The three heroes are linked to the Triggers, strange creatures that can transform into weapons during battle. Although the plot may be straightforward and linear, its simplicity serves as a suitable backdrop for the adventure that unfolds.



As for gameplay, Trinity Trigger shines thanks to its combat and design. Players can switch between controlling one of the three characters at any time, which reminds us of classics like Secret of Mana. The characters can equip up to eight different weapons, each with its own utility and weaknesses.

However, the AI of the machine-controlled characters can be frustrating at times. The lack of level indicators for main and secondary missions can lead players to face content not suitable for their level. On the other hand, secondary missions, although simple, contribute to character progression and weapon improvement.



Trinity Trigger is a journey full of charm and nostalgia. Although it does not revolutionize the genre, it relies on what works and builds on it. The game is a tribute to classic RPGs, with a development team composed of veterans of some of the best JRPGs of the last 30 years.

While there may be aspects to improve, such as the AI of the characters and the lack of level indicators for missions, Trinity Trigger manages to capture the ethereal fun of the Mana series without being slave to outdated design decisions. For those willing to overlook its flaws, there is a fun game waiting underneath that is worth exploring. Despite its faults, Trinity Trigger is a comfort RPG that deserves to be celebrated.

Before ending with the review we must thank our friends at MARVELOUS for letting us try such an amazing game on the Nintendo Switch console, and if the game caught your attention we invite you to get a copy of the title through Nintendo’s eShop: Click here to visit Nintendo’s online store.