Re: Zero

Re: Zero: Attractive Ram drives fans crazy in illustration

A beautiful and full of seriousness, serenity and intelligence, from Re: Zero, dazzles us with her charms Ram, the strongest and most calculating twin, who with her attitude hooks the fans of the series, brought now in an illustration made by “@Aliilustration”, who has taken the best aspects of the character and has captured it with great precision, thanks to this we can enjoy this unmissable work.

An illustration of Ram that enchants fans of Re: Zero

Re: Zero Ram Ilustración 1

Made by the artist “@Aliilustration” dedicated to making illustrations of this type and of this quality, of different characters throughout many franchises, taking this time from the series of Re: Zero, the beautiful and at the same time cold, Ram, who delights us with a pose highlighting her best attributes, legs that attract with her maid dress that characterizes her so much, you can follow the artist if you like his content here.

In this beautiful illustration made by this artist, we can see a Ram with realistic touches, but retains its essence as a 2D character, taking this, we note that her short pink hair is well portrayed with her black headband with white flowers, as well as the red color of her eyes that looks expectantly with her lips in a positive expression, somewhat provocative. Wearing her maid’s dress, of a black and white color that contrasts her skin, although this time in the area of her bust has not been altered, she still has a beautiful figure, being a work that leaves us satisfied.

Re: Zero Ram Ilustración 2

A work faithful to the original character of the series of Re: Zero, a Ram that embodies esabelleza usual in the character, almost as if it were real, we are surprised by the quality and detail, the precision with which it has been done, the author has managed to capture most features of the character, which is a success, a gift for fans of this strong and beautiful woman, although if you want a bigger surprise, in this case in the form of figure, there is a note from our page that presents a beautiful Ram.

Ram, the most cold and calculating twin belonging, although it does not necessarily mean that she is evil or something like that, simply the past has offered her the worst of her life and now, it is difficult for her to trust anyone, that is why she tends to analyze them in every situation, but with the arrival of Subaru (Protagonist of the series), who has offered his help to the sisters and, although it has cost him his own physical integrity on some occasions, he has defended them, which has made Ram see that, this is not so bad. Progressively showing a Ram who can come to care about someone other than just his sister rem.

Re: zero, a very complete series that offers us a dislocation in the genre, being this a fantasy that turns from time to time a little cruel, raw and with moments that break the heart, but also with tender characters like the twins, who have an aspect and ways of being that attract the public, also its protagonist, Subaru, who has been the axis for the gears of this story to turn correctly, with his power to return to the past or points in this, his duty is to seek the truth of this world.

Re: Zero Ram Ilustración 4