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Ranma 1/2 celebrates 35 years of its first broadcast with fans

This year commemorates one of the most iconic stories of the acclaimed “Queen of manga”, Rumiko Takahashi and her work Ranma 1/2, which premiered in 1989. Being one of the most remembered and loved anime by many, since it marked their childhood, this April 15 was 35 years since the broadcasting of the first episode in Japan, but without news of any continuation or remake that fans are waiting for.

The Ranma 1/2 anime turns 35 years old

Ranma 1 2

The anime fan community once again remembered this anime classic and many remember with a big smile this funny story that combines martial arts combat and, of course, its romantic comedy. There is no doubt that Rumiko Takahashi is a great mangaka who has been recognized for her contribution to the national and international popular culture.

Although Ranma 1/2 was broadcast at the same time as Saint Seiya and Dragon Ball, it also had a significant impact on the Japanese public. Although we must say that it did not obtain the same popularity in Japan as in its distribution in Latin America, in the case of Mexico it was broadcast on open and uncensored television, something that has characterized the so-called classics.

Although more than three decades have passed, its popularity is kept alive by the fans who continue to support the franchise. After seeing the rushed ending of the anime that left many things unfinished and that also did not have a faithful adaptation to the manga because the anime reached the manga unfinished at that time, fans are still wondering if someday it will be continued or even a remake.

Ranma 1/2

The Ranma 1/2 manga series has a total of 38 compilation volumes, only 22 were adapted, so there were many chapters specially made for the anime, and later OVAS were made in which they did show more of the manga. Then the fans had the idea of a possible continuation rather than a remake where they could see the denouement and finally see Ranma and Akane together.

In recent years, we have seen the increasing arrival of many remakes of classic series such as the popular Urusei Yatsura, also by Takahashi, which seems to have been faithful to the manga and in general, has been liked by those who already knew it as well as the new generations that give it a chance. But in the case of Ranma 1/2, many agree that a continuation would be a better idea than a remake.

While the remake would allow to faithfully adapt the manga, fans fear that censorship would attack in a new version, since it has some scenes that showed a lot without being censored. This well-deserved anniversary has aroused the interest of fans who have commented the following: “I really hope that if they do a remake of Ranma they do it faithfully and do not soften the scenes or skip chapters”, Fun fact: the Ranma 1/2 manga was one of the first to be scanned on the Internet in the nineties”.

Ranma Saotome is a boy who suffers a peculiar curse during martial arts training when he falls into some cursed ponds in Jusenkyo in China. From that day on, when he gets wet with cold water, he turns into a beautiful red-haired girl, and when he comes into contact with hot water he returns to his original state as a boy. When he returns to Japan, he discovers he is engaged to Akane, daughter of his father’s friend. Let us know what you prefer, a sequel or a remake.

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