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Power of Chainsaw Man seduces as a beautiful bunny in figure

There is no doubt that at the time “Chainsaw Man” was one of the anime and manga that generated the most hype among fans and that, although its reception both in Japan and in the West was very uneven, it does not detract from the fact that it is a very entertaining work to watch, as its characters are quite charismatic and endearing. It is worth remembering that after much speculation and a long time of silence by the MAPPA studio, the story of Denji has already announced a sequel in feature film format.

While we wait for more news about this “Chainsaw Man” movie, the figure and collectibles company called Dengeki Hobby through its subsidiary Furyu has announced a new official figure based on Power, the charismatic and very attractive “waifu” of the series, where she is now presented with a very classic outfit but with a very interesting twist.

A fabulous Power dresses up as a bunny in this new official Chainsaw Man figurine.

Power De Chainsaw Man Seduce Como Una Bella Conejita En Figura

Dengeki Hobby through its website has presented this new figure of Power from the anime and manga series “Chainsaw Man“, where we can see, this new collectible, presents the charismatic girl wearing a very classic bunny costume or “bunny ver” but with a twist that brings more elegance. The outfit consists of a tight-fitting white short-sleeved top with a lace design on the front. We also see a deep red short that tells the story of her slender physique, while the back of her lower back, the detail of the small rabbit tail, complements this first layer.

In the lower part we can also see that she wears a black fishnet stockings with a red heeled boots with leather-like texture. Additionally, we find several details that make this new collectible even more fascinating, such as: the white cufflinks on her wrists, the red bow around her neck and the essential touch in this type of costume, the headband in the shape of long bunny ears that here are red to match the entire outfit.

The final touch to this incredible figure of the “Chainsaw Man” saga is found in the flirtatious pose that Power shows us, as she delights us with her beauty, her slender form and her imposing attributes while at the same time she gives us a smile that will leave all those who are fans of this “waifu” in awe. Unfortunately, we must inform that apart from the presentation of the official figure, there are still no details such as costs, release date and materials with which it is constructed, so fans of Power should be attentive to more news from the company if they wish to acquire it.

Chainsaw Man: Power Asombra A Otakus En Irresistible Ilustración

Chainsaw Man” tells the story of a world where people’s fears have taken shape as demons, the more fear an idea generates, the more powerful the demon that represents it. This is how we meet Denji, an orphan boy who makes a living by hunting demons in exchange for money, accompanied by his mysterious “pet” named Pochita.

Both of them work hard in the demon hunting business, but one day Denji is betrayed due to past issues, so on the verge of passing to the other plane, Pochita sacrifices herself to save the life of her companion. In this way, the powerful chainsaw demon that was the mascot, merges with Denji giving him a new opportunity to live and fulfill his dreams.

Our protagonist with his new ability will receive an offer from a mysterious woman named Makima to join the corps of demon hunters known as “Devil Hunter” and thus exterminate all those threats that stalk people in their daily lives. What our protagonist does not know is that from that moment on he will be immersed in a spiral full of emotion, losses and facing a very powerful villain who pulls the strings behind all this complex web of events.

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