Pokémon’s Lusamine is realistically imagined in new illustration

The Pokémon franchise is known worldwide for various reasons, but in the networks its renown is due to the large amount of content that is created based on the different characters that make up the adaptations, where not only the pokémon themselves are the protagonists, but also many of the girls that were presented over the years, and now a fan decided to create one of the most viewed works on the internet, the illustrations, in this case having Lusamine as the protagonist, in a new fanart that surprises for the aesthetics chosen, in the best realistic style to show how she would look like if she were real.

Pokémon’s Lusamine is realistically recreated in this new illustration

Lusamine De Pokémon Es Imaginada De Manera Realista En Nueva Ilustración

This new illustration was shared by a user on the social network Twitter/X, which features one of the most popular girls belonging to the Pokémon franchise, the beautiful Lusamine, and which surprised all fans of the character by recreating her in a way never seen before, in the best realistic style, which not only brings her a little closer to our universe, but also shows that her beauty remains the same, even represented in this curious way.

Those who are familiar with the “waifu” will notice how they tried to represent her as faithful as possible to how she was originally known, with a very careful work to respect her clothes, where her white dress is represented, as well as the tights that follow the same palette of colors that are maintained in this work, even the attention to detail can be seen in aspects such as the skirt of this dress mentioned, as it has the same yellow fabrics that Lusamine normally uses.

But undoubtedly what is most striking about this illustration is the style that was chosen to recreate the Pokémon character, because to bring it a little closer to our reality and for fans to have an idea of how it would look like if it were part of our world, the image presents Lusamine in a realistic way, where the physical and especially facial features were transformed by more human ones, even an aspect so characteristic of the “waifu”, such as her hair, was transformed to be much more real, making it clear how Lusamine’s beauty is maintained and transcends realities.


Lusamine is a very beloved character by the Pokémon community, and being the “waifu” of many of these shows that her popularity is one of the most important, if we take into account that over the years the franchise has delivered a lot of female characters and that Lusamine is placed as one of the most beloved is a more than meritorious achievement, and her beauty has managed to capture the attention of many fans. Lusamine is a recurring character in one of the media in which Pokémon is most recognized, the anime, more precisely in the Sun and Moon series, where she made most of her appearances.

Pokémon, on the other hand, in 2023 ended, after more than 26 years, the story of one of the most important protagonists of the series, Ash Ketchum, thus closing an adventure that accompanied millions of people around the world, although it was not the definitive end of the anime, which continues with new protagonists. On the video game side, the medium through which this franchise began, the last major titles released were Pokémon scarlet and Pokémon Violet, which following the theme of most titles, allow the player to go through a world full of pokémon which can be captured and then used to battle in exciting turn-based battles.


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