Pokemon: Beautiful Dawn will make you sigh in illustrations

Pokemon continues to be that franchise that has become so pervasive in global entertainment that talking about it is an extremely pleasant experience. Because even though it was originally born as a video game, it quickly became a franchise capable of reaching even dramas and live action movies reaping great success. Clearly, none of this would be possible without those memorable protagonists that marked the players so much that they ended up becoming everyone’s favorites. That’s why, this time we bring you an art set that shows the cute Dawn in all her splendor.

Dawn from Pokemon will leave you fascinated in illustrations


It’s no secret that Dawn, has been one of the community’s favorite Pokegirls for a very long time. In fact, her popularity dates back to 2008, the year in which the fourth generation of titles set in the memorable region of Sinnoh, Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl, was released. From that date until now, she has managed to garner fans around the world thanks to her inexhaustible beauty and charisma that has been demonstrated both in the manga and in the anime and their respective movies.

It is worth mentioning that this art reel comes thanks to the popular illustrator yidall, who has a very large portfolio of images related to the world of anime and video games. In fact, his work is so extensive that you could find content of all kinds; from the most innocent to those that could enter the realm of the most provocative for the public.


Now entering the analysis of the images we can see why it is so easy to be amazed with them. Many times the illustrations made by fans stand out for the care and mime they put into the design, being this time a clear example of it. In the first image we can see Dawn in a totally relaxed attitude and with a blushing countenance that shows a slight feeling of emotion before someone she has seen. Obviously we could assume that this is due to the presence of the viewer or perhaps it is because she has spotted some tender Pokemon happily approaching her.

In the second one, we find “Maya” sitting on what appears to be a support made of stone that would be located near a mountainous area of the Sinnoh region. Here the sweet trainer is in a relaxed position after what could be a day in her daily journey in the game. The detail of her outfit deserves a special mention, as it shows a very high management of the details that make it so characteristic and exciting for many.

In fact, we could think that she is in front of one of the sacred lakes where Uxie, Mesprit or Azelf dwell…


Finally, we are faced with the last art that completes the sample and this time, it is quite different from what we are used to. Here Dawn has another outfit that is not the usual one we all know, as this one is totally red, with a polo shirt, a t-shirt and a backpack that play with the black color in the same way. Basically, we could think that he is on an excursion or perhaps it could be a time before the events of the game, as we could see in his season or within a flashback shown during the final season of Pokemon.

Whatever the case may be, there is no doubt that Dawn will remain one of the most beloved protagonists within this popular and beloved franchise….

Remember that the remakes based on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, titled Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl, are already available for the Nintendo Switch console through the physical format and the Nintendo eshop (digital).

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