Pokemon announces these adorable onesies of Pikachu, Gengar and many more

By now, there’s no doubt that Pokemon is a worldwide phenomenon, a multimedia juggernaut brimming with merchandise of all kinds based on its collection of charismatic creatures. TPC and Creatures Inc. flagship franchise shows no signs of stopping anytime and that’s why they’ve just announced this adorable clothing line. If you watch a lot of anime you’ll surely be familiar with kigurumi parkas, these oversized soft onesies that the Japanese like to wear in the comfort of their home. They’re a small part of Japan’s otaku culture, which is why you can now buy a parka with a design based on 4 of the most popular Pokémon.

Which Pokémon jumpsuit would you buy?

Parkas De Pokémon En Don Quijote

As reported by Famitsu, the Japanese discount store chain known as Don Quijote (Which has nothing to do with De la Mancha or Doflamingo) will start selling these kigurumi parkas that are based on 4 different Pokémon. Each comes in a different color representing each creature, while their face is on the hood. The collection consists of: Psyduck in light yellow, Snorlax in blue with a white circle representing its stomach, Pikachu in bright yellow, and finally Gengar in purple. These are definitely some of the most iconic monsters in the franchise, so it makes sense that they were selected for this clothing line.

These adorable and comfortable Pokémon rompers will be available at all Don Quijote stores in Japan starting next October 21, at a price of 3289 yen (Which would be around $22) Unfortunately, Don Quijote does not have an online shopping system so, if you want to buy one of these kigurumi parkas, you will have to go in person to one of the branches. It should also be noted that they will only be available while supplies last, so you don’t have much time to look for them either. As usual, those of us who live in America can only appreciate these parkas through these images.

Tiendas Don Quijote En Japón

Por si no lo sabías, Don Quijote es una exitosa línea de tiendas de descuentos en donde puedes conseguir básicamente todo lo que se te ocurra, desde comida hasta juguetes eróticos. Para la cultura japonesa moderna, esta marca es tan importante como las mismísimas parkas kigurumi. Sin embargo, no es común que The Pokémon Company decida lanzar mercancía oficial de su franquicia #1 en una tienda perteneciente a otra compañía. Después de todo, hay cientos de Centros Pokémon distribuidos por todo Japón. Pero bueno, los fanáticos no se van a quejar porque es más probable que tengan un Don Quijote cerca de sus casas.

In case you didn’t know, Don Quijote is a successful line of discount stores where you can get basically anything you can think of, from food to erotic toys. For modern Japanese culture, this brand is as important as the kigurumi parkas themselves. However, it’s not often that The Pokemon Company decides to release official merchandise from its #1 franchise in a store owned by another company. After all, there are hundreds of Pokemon Centers scattered throughout Japan. But hey, fans won’t complain because they’re more likely to have a Don Quixote near their homes.

What do you think of these cute Pokémon jumpsuits? Which one is your favorite?

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