PlayStation VR2 could be coming to PC very soon

PlayStation VR2, Sony’s new venture into the world of virtual reality, is one of the best devices on the market. But it has a huge drawback: As expected, it works exclusively on PlayStation 5. However, Sony has just surprised the entire community with a small announcement that could change the reputation of this virtual reality helmet forever.

Will we be able to connect PlayStation VR2 to our computers?

Persona Usando Playstation Vr2 Con Un Control De Volante De Auto.

A few days ago, Sony made a new post on the official PlayStation blog in which they gave details of some of the most important titles coming soon to PlayStation VR2. But, among so many video game announcements, what caught the most attention was a short paragraph at the end that reads as follows, “We are pleased to tell you that we are now testing PS VR2 players to have the ability to access additional games on PC to offer you even more variety, in addition to the PS VR2 titles already accessible via PS5. We hope to make this feature available in 2024, so stay tuned for more updates.”

Although they could not confirm anything yet, the fact that Sony is trying to form connectivity between PlayStation VR2 and PC is excellent news. This virtual reality headset is considered one of the best on the market, but since it can only be used on PlayStation 5, it was always seen as a more limited option by VR fans. Most of the best and most popular virtual reality video games are PC exclusive, so being able to access them with PS VR2 would be an excellent upgrade that would give users of this device an edge over the competition.

Gameplay De The Wizards – Dark Brotherhood En Playstation Vr2

But that’s not all, because Sony took the occasion to highlight some of the titles that will be released on PlayStation VR2 over the next few months: The Wizards – Dark Brotherhood is an action & adventure game about sorcery that was released on February 22. Little Cities: Bigger! is a city building game released on March 12. Wanderer: The Fragments of Fate is a time travel adventure game released on June 27. Finally, Zombie Army VR and Soul Covenant are two epic action games that have no concrete release date yet, but are expected to be released in 2024.

Between this catalog of interesting titles and the new possibility to connect it to PC, the value of PlayStation VR2 went way up. We hope Sony will not disappoint us and will be able to give us an optimal experience on our computers sometime this year. If they succeed, their virtual reality headset could become one of the most successful in the entire market.

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