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Persona 5: A schoolgirl figure of Ann Tamaki enchants fans

Crossing the metaverse with the speed of a panther (more or less it is), from the world renowned franchise Persona 5, we are presented with this beautiful figure of Ann Tamaki in her schoolgirl attire with which we see her most of the time when we go out with her, a figure produced by the company “AMAKUNI“, who is a known face in the franchise giving us this kind of splendid figures that every fan must have.

The panther Ann Tamaki from Persona 5 appears as a majestic figure

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Presented by the company “AMAKUNI” who is responsible for producing all kinds of figures in different anime and video game franchises, in this case, after having been presented at the Mega Hobby Expo 2023 event, this figure of Ann Tamaki from Persona 5, who with her characteristic school uniform and her panther mask, which identifies her as a Phantom thieve, who in her own way helps people.

With an animated pose that usually characterizes her persona (not that Persona), Ann models a smile with her wavy yellow hair in two thick pigtails and a side fringe aided by a clip, her bright blue eyes and circular earrings in her ears. Wearing her winter school uniform, which is a black blazer over a white hooded sweatshirt, this has a full zipper, having a red stripe between the two blue stripes at its bottom, this sweatshirt tucks in much of Ann’s short plaid skirt, traveling a little lower we see her red tights and brown boots with yellow laces.

This 1/7 scale figure has an approximate height of 22 centimeters, it is also made of PVC materials painted in a detailed way, besides having an elegant base, common in this type of figures to put on shelves or desks, at the same time, the company in charge has had the opportunity to work with other Persona 5 characters, which makes it the perfect opportunity to start or complete your collection.

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A figure made with great detail and effort, this beloved character of Persona 5 for our luck has been a hit for collectors, plus the pre-orders began yesterday October 25 and culminate this December 20, with a price of 24,200 yen ($ 160.95) which is not linked to shipping, as this is separate depending on the area where you live. This figure offers one more addition to the characters of the video game, will be released next year in August or September. If you are interested in this piece, you can order it here.

Ann Tamaki, a smiling girl with a positive attitude, after having seen how her friend fell prey to Kamoshida, her teacher, unable to do anything about it, she feels guilty and decides to face her fears, because for her, being afraid again and doing nothing is something that should not be repeated, then awakening her Persona to join the Phantom Thieves in the form of Panther, her costume as a member of the group. She lives a normal life as a student by day, at night she fights against these evil adults who try to overpower her selfish desires.

As a romantic interest in the game and the eternal companion of Morgana (the franchise’s mascot), Ann is recognized as the best choice, although this may cause uproar, since in Persona 5 there are different love paths that can intertwine, but Ann is commonly said to be the best of them, since she is a cute and kind girl with a strong conviction not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

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