Palworld to launch dating simulator with Pals version H

Palworld took the world by surprise when it was released earlier this year, being that the gameplay experience that took inspiration from various franchises was something that players around the world loved, but there was something missing, and that was being able to relate more closely with the Pals. And now the prayers seem to have been answered, as from the official account of the game announced a new version, which will be a dating simulator that will not only allow us this, but will also be focused on the H style.

You can fall in love with the Pals with this official Palworld dating simulator.

Palworld: Fans Demandan Poder Realizar El &Quot;Delicioso&Quot; Con Los Pals

Through its official accounts, such as Twitter/X, the popular video game Palworld announced a piece of news that many fans of the title were waiting for, especially those who were looking for a much more private relationship with the Pals, these adorable creatures that are so varied. A new version of the game will be released, in this case a dating simulator that will delight all fans, not only by allowing us to get along with these beings, but it will also have a “spicier” version.

As can be seen in the shared video, taking inspiration from this type of games, the visual novel that will be centered on Palworld will be set in a high school, where the player will meet some of the most recognized Pals of the game sharing all kinds of words with them with a very clear purpose. And it is that falling in love with Katress, Chillet or Lovander will be possible in the game, being that also the “waifu” Zoe will also be part of the characters available to conquer, where finally each of them represents some of the most common topics of dating simulators.

But undoubtedly what most caught the attention of Palworld fans was not only the fact that the dating simulator will give a new way to play, but it was confirmed that it will have a version in the best H style, where things will go to the next level in different ways, aiming at the most “spicy” sides possible. And as can be seen in the video, we will be able to touch or caress the Pals, while we advance in the relationship, so in this new version nothing will be left to the imagination, so it will be a delight for fans of this type of romance.

Palworld Pals

And although this news surprised everyone, the truth is that this is simply an April Fool’s Day joke made by the same company, being that it was all a meme made to catch the most clueless, where the so-called “Pal♡world! ~More Than Just Pals~” and its release date for April 1, 2025 was a lie. Being a joke created by the game, many fans took advantage of the situation to joke with all kinds of reactions on the publication, some happy for the supposed arrival of the long-awaited mode to hit it off with the Pals, while others were angry at this joke made by Palworld.

But it’s not all bad news, because with this joke, the game ended up giving news that would be real, and that is that Palworld will receive a new update in the coming days, which, although it will not be the possibility of getting along with the Pals, it will have many new features. For those who do not know Palworld this is a title released in the year 2024 that combines different ways of playing, the main one being to survive in an unknown land where there are beings called Pals, which can be trapped. These will then help the player to protect him in real time combats, as well as to build his base.


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