Overlord: Provocative Albedo Figure astounds fans

The Japanese companyTaito Toyshas prepared a special surprise for fans of the popular multimedia franchise “Overlord” and presented a captivating prize figure that will be inspired by the attractive Supervisor of the Guardians floor in the Great Tomb of Nazarick, Albedo.

It is worth noting that this Albedo prize figure was presented in the official media of the company “Taito Toys” and it was announced that the product will be part of “Desktop Cute“, a division of Taito Toys figures that stands out for presenting products with an incredible quality in the design and details in its sculpting, something that continues to amaze the otaku community that go crazy to acquire the figures of this division. Below, we present some screenshots of this impressive Albedo prize figure.

Albedo from Overlord dresses up as a bunny in a provocative Figure

Overlord Albedo Figura Tt 2

This provocative prize figure of the Supervisor of the Guardians floor in the Great Tomb of Nazarick has been highlighted by fans of the Overlord franchise for presenting the most provocative side of this waifu, who thanks to its irresistible and voluptuous design, allows to captivate the hearts of the otaku community. In addition, in this figure we can see how Albedo will wear a sensual bunny costume, where we can see how the most attractive side of the character has been enhanced to perfection thanks to the openings that the outfit has.

Another detail to note is that not much information about the launch of this product has been released yet. However, it is expected that Taito Toys will release new information about this product as the months go by, so if you are interested in knowing more details about the Albedo figure, we recommend you to stay tuned to the official Taito Toys media so you don’t miss any updates.

Overlord Albedo Figura Tt 1
Overlord Albedo Figura Tt

The light novel “Overlord” is the work of Kugane Maruyama, with illustrations by so-bin. It was first published by Enterbrain on July 30, 2012, and has been published in 16 volumes to date.

This work was also adapted into manga by Hugin Miyama, debuting in Kadokawa Shoten ‘s “Comp Ace” magazine in November 2014. In a noteworthy development, it was reported a few months ago that the literary franchise had reached a remarkable 11 million copies in circulation.

On July 7, 2015, “Overlord” saw the light of day in its animated version, consisting of 4 seasons totaling 52 episodes, accompanied by 2 movies, several specials and a new movie to be released this 2024. The animation studio Madhouse was in charge of the production, under the direction of Naoyuki Itou. All the installments are legally available through the Crunchyroll platform and have an English dub.

Overlord Holy Kingdom

Overlord“transports us to an epic universe that will immerse you in a fantasy journey like no other. Get ready to enter a virtual role-playing game called Yggdrasil, where the main character, Momonga, becomes the powerful and enigmatic leader of the Ainz Ooal Gown guild. However, what should be a simple game turns into a surprising reality when, after the servers crash, Momonga discovers that his character has come to life and that the world of Yggdrasil is now his true abode.

Join Momonga, who now goes by the name Ainz Ooal Gown, on his extraordinary journey as the self-proclaimed Supreme Lord of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. With unimaginable powers and a loyal army of NPCs (non-player characters) under his command, he embarks on a quest to understand the truth behind this new reality and discover if there are other players who share his destiny.

In Overlord, the clash between good and evil takes on new nuances, and the line between heroes and villains blurs. As Ainz explores this vast world full of dangers and mysteries, he encounters diverse races, intriguing characters and challenges that will test his cunning and power.