Otaku culture under attack by feminists in South Korea

Much has been said about the otaku culture, who are very fond of, talking about an excessive interest in some specific things, such as anime. In Japan they have been pointed out for a long time and in the beginning, the term was used in a negative way, affecting those who identified with certain activities such as collecting. And that with the passage of time has been transformed in a positive way, even added in the dictionary. Finally, as with any other type of group that shares common tastes, a community is formed.

South Korean otaku culture becomes controversial

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The Otaku community is never exempt from controversy; either because it is a term that becomes generational and, therefore, constantly changing, where some are for or against its definition. But the truth is that despite everything that may surround it, its existence goes beyond what can be imagined or assumed about it. In each country or region, communities tend to share many interests and differ in some aspects, taking into account the social and cultural context in which each one develops.

We know that this otaku culture comes from East Asia, mainly from Japan, and due to various factors and the advancement of technology has expanded to neighboring countries and currently worldwide. Such is the case of South Korea, who have adopted this culture and have also been responsible for the development and distribution of major video game franchises. But as already mentioned, this industry does not escape from the social life of the country either.

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The Korean otaku community is affected by serious accusations from a certain sector of women, and every time we can see that social issues interfere even in video games. The controversy has been present once again and this time it involves a sector of women who have spoken out on several occasions against some actions, mainly attacking men. One of these examples has been an attempted donation to a Children’s Hospital by the company Nexon, which was finally cancelled due to feminist protests that rejected the donation by a male sector.

A group of illustrators and animators who work for major video game franchises such as Genshin Impact and Azur Lane, have been identified in social networks with publications in which they include messages of hatred and repudiation towards men and this has exceeded limits. The otaku and gamer community has been able to see “hidden” messages in their work. These activities consist of making “mockery” of the size of men’s private parts.

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These marks, by way of mockery by this sector of women, have become present on the hands of female characters in video games. Comments on the issue began to emerge, some surprised to see that this has gotten out of control and wondering why this “conflict” has become so intense in Korea. Despite all the controversy, this sector of women have not stopped this type of signaling and continue to support feminist groups.

This has undoubtedly alerted the otaku community, because regardless of the ideologies that each one may have, it should not interfere in the performance of their tasks, totally leaving aside the criteria and professionalism that should be. Anyway, let’s hope that this conflictive and somewhat contradictory situation can be resolved or simply that it does not affect the otaku culture with messages of aversion.

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