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Oshi no Ko prepares sensational lottery prizes

Oshi no Ko has given a lot to talk about since the manga’s first publication in April 2020, not only for the fact that it is a creation of the already renowned mangaka Aka Akasaka, but also for the story itself.
Being a seinen manga, its plot revolves around the dark passages of the Japanese entertainment industry.

Added to this, the idea of reincarnation as the son of some celebrity doesn’t seem to be a smooth path either. The story has highlighted the adversities faced by those who aspire to become popular public figures without being judged all the time.

The characters of Oshi no Ko dress up as sailors.

Oshi No Ko Taito

Undoubtedly, the development of Oshi no Ko has managed to catch both readers and viewers of this peculiar story that has been a success, part of this also comes from a very good animated adaptation and of course from the great opening theme “Idol” by the Yoasobi duo.

One of the most important aspects of a story, of course, are the main and supporting characters. The case of Oshi no Ko does not go unnoticed, considering that most of them are beautiful waifus who have taken relevance in the plot. Its popularity has only increased, and while waiting for a second season, it has managed to transcend to other areas such as products inspired by the franchise or collaborations.

Oshi No Ko L

This time it is a collaboration between the anime Oshi no Ko and the company Taito Toys with their “Taito Kuji Honpo Oshi no Ko Sweet Sailor Style” lottery that was unveiled via Twitter, featuring five characters: Kana Arima, Aquamarine Hoshino, Ai Hoshino, Ruby Hoshino and Akane Kurokawa all dressed in cute and unique sailor style outfits.

Special prizes have been prepared for this fabulous lottery that every fan will want to win. Each and every product in this collection looks amazing, and among these are the following:

Oshi No Ko Kana
Oshi No Ko Kana 1
Oshi No Ko Kana 2
  • The main prize, or A, is a scale figure approximately 18 cm tall, inspired by the actress Kana Arima with a cute pink dress and a simply charming and shy expression that will captivate you.
  • Prizes B, C and D are canvas illustrations approximately 20 cm high and wide, inspired by Kana Arima, Ruby Hoshino and Akane Kurokawa.
  • Prize E consists of one of five acrylic figures of the characters, measuring approximately 13 to 15 cm in height.
  • Prize F is one of five pairs of A4-size acrylic illustrations.
  • Prize G is one of 10 different designs of the characters in the form of rubber key chains, measuring approximately 7 cm in height

In addition to the list of prizes above, there is an extra chance to win other pieces of this collaboration consisting of an A3 size acrylic panel with an illustration of Kana, Aqua, Ruby and Akane with their respective signatures or a variation of prize A of the figure of Kana Arima with the same sailor style dress but in violet color.

This lottery is scheduled to be launched on November 17 of this year and will cost 800 yen, equivalent to approximately 5.36 dollars. Of course, this lottery is only available in participating establishments in Japan, although it is inevitable to think that some time later some of these items will circulate on the web in resale with very high prices compared to the original price of the lottery ticket.

If you want to take an in-depth look at this incredible Oshi no Ko collaboration, we invite you to visit the official Taito Toys website to learn about this and other fabulous surprises.

Oshi No Ko
Oshi No Ko