Oregairu’s Yukino delights fans with daring kitten figure

Oregairu (My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected) is a school romance anime/manga that has earned its place within the community. One of its most interesting aspects is undoubtedly the depressive vision with which its protagonist Hachiman Hikigaya lives, this feature is already a motivating factor to give the work a chance, that said. Today we will not talk about its main character but about one of its beautiful waifus that accompanies our protagonist throughout the story, we are talking about none other than Yukino Yukinoshita.

Oregairu’s Yukino Yukinoshita shows her sexy side in swimsuit figure

Yukino De Oregairu Deleita A Sus Fans Con Atrevida Figura De Gatita
Yukino De Oregairu Deleita A Sus Fans Con Atrevida Figura De Gatita

Oregairu also known as “Oregairu/Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru” throughout its history has managed to exploit its characters and make fans get attached to them, their personalities and their way of seeing life is different depending on the adversities they have faced, one of the most beloved characters is Yukino Yukinoshita.

As you can see in the images, Yukino was chosen to star in a sexy figure that has undoubtedly managed to captivate fans of the Oregairu franchise. Yukino is shown wearing a two-piece swimsuit, the bottom of the swimsuit is a pretty pink color with white flowers, it has on the sides of the thighs a beautiful ornament, a sky blue ribbon that highlights her figure.

The bikini top is white, which matches the flowers on the bottom, it has two pink lines on the top and in the center. She also wears a sky blue ribbon that makes her chest stand out, on both arms she wears thick bracelets that are sky blue and as a finishing touch to the outfit. Yukino wears a red ribbon around her neck, which contains a small golden bell, simulating a cat collar.

Yukino De Oregairu Deleita A Sus Fans Con Atrevida Figura De Gatita
Yukino De Oregairu Deleita A Sus Fans Con Atrevida Figura De Gatita

The character of Oregairu is shown as a cute kitten, her pose also highlights this feature, Yukino is kneeling and her right hand is raised to the height of her chin, her hand is forming a flaxen gesture that simulates the paw of a cat. It even looks like she is showing her claws, the hair that we can see in the figure is tied in a ponytail, Yukino’s fringe has red pins in the form of a bun that make her look very tender. We can also see that the ponytail is also decorated with a red ribbon and to top it all off we can see her head with some cute cat ears.

Yukino could not be a cute kitten without her little tail, so as you can see in the images, the figure shows the cat tail that matches the ears, this is adorned with a pink bow. Although the character of Yukino at the beginning is a little cold, the truth is that this is changing as you get to know her, in fact she is a very sweet girl who blushes easily and that is well reflected in the expression that has the figure, sweet and tender.

The figure of Oregairu can be purchased at Tokyo Otaku Mode Shop, with a height of about 20 cm approximately, this figure is at a scale of 1/7. Another detail to mention are the PVC and ABS materials used for its elaboration, which help the quality of this piece to stand out. If you want to get this figure of Yukino Yukinoshita we have to tell you about its release, which is scheduled for sometime in May 2024 and its cost is 107.99 dollars approximately.

Oregairu: Yukino Deleita Como Una Hermosa Chica Gato

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