One Punch Man

One Punch Man go on hiatus for a few months

Bad news for fans of the popular shonen manga “One Punch Man“, as Young Jump magazine has released an update on the publication of the work, which will be affected due to certain adjustments and preparations by the person in charge of the illustrations, Yusuke Murata.

This news was announced in a statement published by Young Jump magazine and through its official website, it was confirmed that this pause of the manga “One Punch Man” will last 2 months, starting this June 20 and extending until August 22.

One Punch Man manga to pause publication for a few months

One Punch Man Entrará En Una Pausa Por Algunos Meses

As previously mentioned, the announcement made on the official website of “Young Jump” magazine aims to allow the illustrator of the manga “One Punch Man“, Yusuke Murata, to have a break and prepare for what is to come in the work. This news was also confirmed through Yusuke Murata’s personal Twitter/X account and he promised his fans that he will come back “super powered” in this 2 month break that the work will have until his return.

Although the fans of the manga “One Punch Man” will have a considerable time to continue enjoying the story of Saitama, the strongest hero of all, and the incredible work that Murata captures in the illustrations of the work, the fans have taken this news in the best possible way, many of them asking him to take this time to rest and enjoy his day to day without having any pressure on him.

Although there will be no more chapters of the One Punch Man manga during this time, the publisher Shueisha did not want to leave the fans of this popular franchise with nothing and through its official website announced that the 31st compilation volume is scheduled to be released for sale and bookstores in Japan on July 4 of this year. New updates will be announced as the weeks go by.

One Punch Man Manga Vol 30

One Punch Man is an action-comedy web manga created by One in 2009. In June 2012, a digital version illustrated by Yusuke Murata began publication on the website of Young Jump magazine, belonging to the Shueisha publishing house. Currently, Shueisha publishes the One Punch Man series in physical format, having published a total of 29 compilation volumes to date.

On October 5, 2015, the One Punch Man manga premiered its anime adaptation which was composed of 2 seasons (24 episodes in total) and 13 OVAs. In addition, the animation studio Madhouse (Season 1) and J.C. Staff (Season 2) were in charge of the production of the series and it is legally available through the Crunchyroll platform.

It should be remembered that in August 2022, the anime One Punch Man announced the production of a third season. In addition, some time ago it was confirmed that this new installment will be produced by the animation studio J.C. Staff, leaving behind the rumors about a leak that indicated that this new installment of the series would be produced by the animation studio MAPPA.

One Punch Man Season 3 Visual

One Punch Man” is set in Japan’s fictional Z City, a place plagued by the mysterious appearance of strange monsters that unleash disasters of catastrophic proportions. The plot revolves around Saitama, a superhero endowed with an awesome power that allows him to defeat any enemy with a single blow, however, this exceptional ability becomes a source of tedium for him, as he longs to find adversaries who can challenge his prowess.

As the days go by, Saitama strikes up friendships, confronts enemies and takes the cyborg Genos under his wing. Together, they join the Heroes Association in hopes of gaining recognition for their constant efforts in the fight against evil. Although he manages to defeat numerous opponents that even the most outstanding heroes cannot defeat, Saitama struggles to get the appraisal he truly deserves for his actions.

Despite his ordinary appearance, Saitama faces scrutiny and discrimination from the majority, some even labeling him an impostor. However, a small group of individuals manage to discern beyond his superficial appearance, recognizing both his exceptional talent and his modesty.