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One Piece: Spectacular figure of Yamato goes on sale

The Wano arc of One Piece, one of the most famous and long-running in the series, has finally come to an end, and Yamato, one of the community’s favorite characters, has left a lasting impression. For now, the Straw Hats will continue their adventures outside Wano, but without the charismatic character, who, like Oden, wants to travel the whole region and broaden his horizons and knowledge of the nation. This is a hard blow for all the fans of this character.

But luckily for many One Piece fans, there is a new figure of Yamato by Third eye Studio, which has captured the essence of the character so well that the fans are rushing to buy it. For many, the “pseudo Straw Hat” is a character that is fun, cheerful, and powerful, and having this collectible item is a must.

Impressive One Piece Yamato figure released for pre-sale

one piece yamato figura 1

But to avoid the sadness and the feeling of missing him, this figure of One Piece, limited and scaled by Third eye Studio, delights us with this collectible item, in which we see Yamato in an imposing pose, respecting his origins, his characteristic white outfit that allows the figure to maintain the ideal proportions, something that must be mentioned is the curvature and structure of the hair of the charismatic character, where the shades of white fading to a light blue are beautiful and for me, the fall of the hair down his back is spectacular.

Obviously, this figure of Yamato has physical features very similar to his counterpart in One Piece, respecting the horns and even the nail polish, but what takes the “big prize” is the penetrating gaze, that seems ready to start a fight against his father.

To finish with the description, on the base we find the skull of Onigashima, which has impressive textures to give it more realism, and we also see purple lightning, which could indicate the use of Yamato’s Haki, without a doubt, Third eye Studio thought of the most meticulous details to personify this beloved character in the best possible way.

one piece yamato figura 2
one piece yamato figura 4
one piece yamato figura 3

At the moment, it is not yet for sale, but the pre-orders were made on November 6th and if you think it is too expensive to pay in one go, the Mirai Collectibles website has several plans to pay in installments, but don’t think too much because the pre-orders are running out, and they are figures of a single run, which means they won’t make anymore. The release of this spectacular Yamato item will be on December 15th, so it could be a good Christmas gift.

The Yamato collectible item from One Piece has two formats for purchase, a cheaper and obviously smaller figure, with a scale of 1/6, which has the following measurements: H 43 cm, W 31 cm D 22 cm (H: height, W: Width and D: Depth) and the price is approximately 254 USD.

Now if you want to use your savings and want a Yamato figure at a scale of 1/4, the price is approximately 396 USD, it inflates a bit because the measurements of the figure increase considerably: H 65 cm W 47 cm D 33 cm, meaning that the price paid is in accordance with the size of this valuable item.

As we all know, the near future of Yamato in One Piece is unexpected, but the only thing certain is that this collectible figure would look good on your shelf, so don’t miss the opportunity to get yours.

one piece yamato 1