One Piece

One Piece: Nami shows off her skills in incredible new figure

There is no doubt that the One Piece universe is full of strong and beautiful women, the pretty sailor with the straw hats always knows how to thrill her fans, because her wit and beauty are an excellent combination. This time Nami has once again shined before the eyes of her fans thanks to orzGk who has brought us a figure that highlights the pirate’s charms.

Nami from One Piece surprises her fans with majestic figure

Nami De One Piece Luce Grandiosa En Esta Nueva Figura

As you can see in the image above, the straw-hatted sailor looks radiant. Nami is shown lying on an armchair where we are able to appreciate each and every one of her curves, which are covered by the red fabric of a nice dress that adorns her beautiful figure. The garment shows a large opening on the left side, where we notice how the dress opens, giving way to appreciate Nami’s long and slender legs.

The dress worn by the One Piece sailor has two openings at the waist, thus allowing us to appreciate a little more of her skin, where her abdomen is adorned by golden bows. Then we move to the impressive neckline that reveals the great gifts that the sailor has, the V-neckline looks really provocative. On the other hand, we have the somewhat puffy sleeves, which exposes Nami’ s shoulders and besides the wrist to the elbow, the sleeves have been covered with a black fabric with transparencies.

Nami De One Piece Luce Grandiosa En Esta Nueva Figura

Nami ‘s face rests on her right hand and we can see on her face an expression of joy, her huge smile is more than noticeable, as well as her huge eyes that make her look charming. Her orange hair is combed and placed behind her back, but we can see how some strands fall in front, certainly a style that reminds us of the character currently in One Piece.

The armchair in which we can see the character is blue, but we would say that it pulls you to the gray tone, this makes the figure stand out even more by the color tone of the dress, the red makes us pay attention to Nami and stands out above all. The silver tone ornaments, added with the background that resembles a bookcase, make this figure the ideal representation of elegance and beauty.

If you are interested in acquiring this beautiful product, I must tell you that the figure of the navigator of One Piece can already be reserved, has a scale of approximately 1/6 and was painted with high quality imported materials. We only need to look at the image to realize this, the details in the article, from the face to her clothes are more than excellent, the collector’s item will cost approximately $225 dollars, pending to confirm its release date.


One Piece is in one of its best moments, its anime, manga and even its Live-Action are a great success for the franchise. Over time it has gained many fans and currently continues to add new fans, all thanks to its fantastic world and characters, which are some of the many reasons why we love One Piece.

Going back to its characters, Nami was one of the first characters to become a member of the straw hat crew, her audacity and intelligence combined with her beauty have made this character become the waifu of many anime fans.