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One Piece: Popular Las Vegas Sphere Celebrates 25th Anniversary of the Anime

One Piece is a work that enjoys a worldwide popularity that has been relevant for decades, inspiring millions of artists around the world, and this year marks the 25th anniversary of the official release of the anime, which is why they are celebrating it in a big way. And now, in the recognized sphere of the city of Las Vegas, as part of the anniversary of this franchise, an incredible video was projected that One Piece fans will appreciate, generating a moment that went viral in the networks.

One Piece presents a unique ad at the “Sphere” in Las Vegas

The prelude to the event had already been given through one of Toei Animation’s official accounts on Twitter/X on June 7, where several details were provided. The publication pointed out that the commemorative video will be available from yesterday, Monday, June 10, until Sunday, June 16. In addition, it was specified that they will have an exclusive event on Tuesday, June 11 from 7 pm and 11 pm Pacific Time, which means that the announcement can be viewed without interruptions.

The exhibition in question shows us a 360° degree video in which we are introduced to the entire cast of protagonists accompanied by the soundtrack of the anime. In addition, a collage of iconic scenes seen during the same chapters of this, finally closing this incredible display of One Piece with one of the most important moments of the series itself and that was much commented on social networks: Luffy using the Gear 5.

As expected due to the magnitude and recognition that this structure has in the world, and that it is involved in a theme that has as protagonist one of the most emblematic series of all as One Piece, many of the followers of the work left a wave of comments on social networks. Now we share with you some of them: “I will literally go to Las Vegas just to see One Piece on the sphere next week”, “25 years at its peak”, “Imagine if the sphere makes a spoiler”, “Amazing. One Piece is real”, “One Piece is an amazing story, it deserves this kind of celebration”, among many other messages by fans.

One Piece
One Piece

For those interested in knowing a little more about the sphere, here are some interesting details: it is considered the largest spherical structure in the world, because it is 112 meters high and 157 meters wide. In addition, it has a capacity for 17,500 people, and can reach up to 20,000 attendees if you consider the people who are standing, it also has an interior screen of 15,000 square meters. Finally, since its inauguration it was used to promote all kinds of brands or to celebrate events, as it did now with One Piece, so in the future it could collaborate with other anime.

If you do not know what One Piece is about, it is the story starring Monkey D. Luffy, a boy who after eating a devil’s apple, a type of fruit that after eating it gives powers to the user at the cost of not sinking into the sea if he falls into the water, makes his body adopt the properties of the rubber. Inspired by his idol Shanks, Luffy leaves his hometown in search of adventure, to form a crew and crown himself as the King of pirates. Over the years, the importance of One Piece in the anime world has only grown, and its anime is still on the air today.

One Piece Egghead Psoter

©Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Toei Animation