One Piece animator puts AI artist in his place

Currently One Piece is becoming a quite relevant franchise in the industry, so it is not strange that so many animators have had the opportunity to work on a work like this to demonstrate their incredible talent through this series. However, an extremely curious event occurred in social networks with one of these animators, as he starred in a small controversy with an AI artist.

One Piece animator against AI artist

One Piece/Artista

It turns out that in social networks an IA artist starred in a moment that will be marked in the corners of the internet, since a user of social networks called @Artedeingenio published a thread on Twitter/X in which he commented that he did not understand how an image he published had approximately 4000 impressions, while the same image published with another account had 30,000 impressions. But the most crucial thing was not this, but what would follow next that led to him earning the derision of internet users.

It turns out that in this same post he comments on an AI-generated image of Luffy from One Piece in which he comments that his art is as good as any artist’s. To which a social media user named @Pandaandwolf commented that he better learn to color properly, or in his case better to draw properly, pointing out a part that looks badly drawn.

One Piece/Artista

To which the AI artist responded that the user would not even be able to make a drawing like that and @Pandaandwolf commented that he would do it better, that he can animate because he has been working as an animator on One Piece. This evidence shown in his tweet led several social media users to start mocking the AI artist for speaking without first knowing the situation he was getting into.

Many users supported the One Piece animator who managed to demonstrate his work and dedication, by not getting carried away by the comments of an AI artist who judge someone without knowing his real talent, he was mocked by many internet users and even limited the amount of comments that could be made on his publication, although to date you can still see his original publication.

One Piece/Artista

This event led the One Piece animator to become even more known among the community and the fans showed their broad support for him to continue with his great work as animator in the series, as well as hope that with his artistic ability he will be able to have more works of this type in the near future and that the community will continue to support him.

Undoubtedly this fact was a very unexpected situation of those that sometimes give us the internet and leaves us a valuable lesson, as we should not talk about more on the internet, but you yourself can become the mockery of the community for a simple comment, meanwhile we must wait to see if this was all of this matter or will continue later in the future.