Noragami bids farewell to Monthly Shonen magazine in emotional issue

Noragami is a manga series written and illustrated by the Japanese manga duo under the pseudonym “Adachitoka“, the result of the union of the characters of their names. In the early 2000s they made their debut as assistants, where they participated as illustrators for the manga “Alive: The Final Evolution”. With this great experience, they decided to continue their career with Noragami, making its first publication in December 2010 and quickly became popular among the public. A few months ago, it announced its end.

Noragami comes to an end with exciting new edition

Noragami Yato

Thanks to the good reception that Noragami received during its publication, the studio Bones produced its animated adaptation, with two seasons so far; the first one premiered in 2014 and the second one in 2015. This shonen managed to catch viewers for its unique story, which tells us the odyssey of the god Yato to build his own shrine, so he must fulfill wishes to people in exchange for money, even if they are domestic tasks and sometimes complicated.

The story is full of action scenes, supernatural encounters and a dose of comedy, which makes this fantasy something incredible. Although Yato is a god, this does not guarantee him to be popular among people, as another of his goals is to gain a significant number of followers, and while this is happening, he meets the young Hiyori, who is involved between the spiritual and earthly world. In his wanderings, another young man, named Yukine joins the god’s adventures as his shinki; Yato’s guide and sword.

Tras 14 Años, Noragami Llega A Su Final Hoy

After more than 13 years in publication, and with some pauses, the manga has reached its end. And with this, many fans have been satisfied with the conclusion, although, of course, as in any ending, there are endless possibilities and issues that may not have been clarified, however, Internet users were happy to know that one of their greatest fears among the oblivion of the protagonists was not a definitive fact.

Noragami comes to an end by compiling its last chapters in the publication of volume 27, which is scheduled for the month of February this year, and will feature special illustrations, as well as a total of 45 pages. The art in this latest installment stars Yato, who holds his long-awaited shrine in his hands with a serene expression, small but very significant. With a predominant palette of blue tones, there is no doubt that this is a very pleasant scene full of tranquility.

Noragami Revista

For its conclusion, the famous Monthly Shonen magazine, belonging to the Kodansha publishing house, has shared through its Twitter account information of its latest issue. It is the February issue, which is already on sale; where Noragami makes its appearance on the cover as a special issue announcing its conclusion; in addition, the magazine will feature exclusive illustrations. And of course, thanking the readers for their constant support during the serialization.

All these commemorative events in relation to the outcome of Noragami, have only rekindled the spirits of the fans, because due to the above, the comments have not been long in coming. First of all, many of the messages found on the web, are of gratitude to the hard work of the mangaka duo, congratulating them for concluding the story and recognizing the quality of each of their illustrations. Continuing with messages of support for their upcoming projects.

Finally, fans are still waiting for a third season or even the likelihood of a remake. For the moment there is no news of a continuation or new animated project. Tell us, what did you think of Noragami’s ending?


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