My Deer Friend Nokotan

Nokotan from My Deer Friend Nokotan his famous dance thanks to famous cosplayer

My Deer Friend Nokotan (Shikanoko Nokonoko Koshitantan), is one of the most anticipated anime of this summer 2024 season and the hype, as its popularity began even before its official premiere, which is about to begin. With the revelation of the first images and promotional videos, it caused its fame to spread quickly through the internet, so much has been its impact that it has already begun to inspire cosplayers who come to enchant the fans and we share with you one of them that is causing a sensation.

Nokotan from My Deer Friend Nokotan dances in cute cosplay

My Deer Friend Nokotan Cosplay

The curious opening of My Deer Friend Nokotan began to circulate on the web, increasing the hype of the anime, and has inspired endless memes. But also cosplays and today we will share with you a very cute one, made by a girl and inspired by the peculiar Nokotan, which has simply begun to enchant the fans of such a curious comedy.

The German cosplayer upminaa.min has already embodied other equally beloved waifus from other popular franchises, but this time it was the turn of a cosplay of the deer girl Nokotan from My Deer Friend Nokotan, which she has shared on her Instagram profile. With her already known opening in the background and characterized as Nokotan, the cute cosplayer Mina starts the fun dance that has become infinite and a sensation in networks that fans can no longer forget.

Wearing a white and blue sailor school uniform, short white socks and a navy blue skirt that shows her legs, big green eyes, brown hair and accompanied by her characteristic ears and horns, cosplayer Mina, begins to dance gracefully to the famous opening theme “Shikairo days”. This cute dance has earned her a great wave of comments from her followers and fans of My Deer Friend Nokotan, who have praised her efforts for this interpretation.

Undoubtedly, the news that this funny and amusing story would be adapted into an anime was one of the biggest surprises for this year. Its particular plot makes it attract even more the attention of fans who are patiently waiting for this adaptation, and although it was not long before its premiere, the production decided to release the opening theme that went viral among Internet users with a catchy melody that remained in our memory.


My Deer Friend Nokotan” is a manga of comedy, fantasy and recounts of the life of the author “Oshioshio” who is in charge of the plot and illustrations, whose serialization as well as publication began on November 15, 2019 in the magazine “Shōnen Magazine Edge” under the seal of the Kodansha publishing house. Currently, the manga has 4 compilation volumes, on March 13, 2024 it was announced that the work would have an anime adaptation whose production is in charge of Wit Studio and Twin Engine, dating its premiere for the summer season, more specifically on July 7, 2024.

“My Deer Friend Nokotan” (Shikanoko Nokonoko Koshitantan), tells the story of Noko Shikanoko, a half-human, half-deer hybrid girl, who one day arrives to shake up the “peaceful” lives of high school students Taroko Koshi and Anko Koshi, who are trying to leave behind their rebellious and conflictive past. Unfortunately, for them the peculiar encounter they will have with “Noko-tan” will frustrate all their plans to lead a normal school life, so they are involved in a spiral of events that will unleash many moments full of laughter in the fans of the anime.

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