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No Game no Life: Creator speaks out on second season

A few days ago the popular anime “No Game no Life” presented a lot of information about its tenth anniversary, which is great news for the fans of this series. However, this was not enough for the community, since even after all this time, they are still wishing for a continuation of the anime to be announced. And not only are the fans, but the creator of the story himself joined this request through his Twitter/X profile and of course, the followers reacted to this comment from the author.

Fans and author of No Game no Life call for a sequel to the anime

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On his Twitter/X account, Yū Kamiya creator of No Game no Life, made a post celebrating the tenth anniversary of the anime and immediately after this, he posted another one saying “Please make a second season”, which of course brought diverse replies from fans, several in favor of the mangaka’s comment with responses like, “I’m looking forward to it, please. “, “It would be nice to remake it once and make a third season with the same voice actor”, other users showed their disappointment for not having a next season yet, commenting, “I was looking forward to this year, so it’s sad to know that the second season hasn’t been decided yet…”.

There was even a follower who questioned the creator about this decision, asking why is it that if he wished for No Game no Life to be given a continuation, he didn’t just do it, to which another person kindly replied, “I didn’t know until now, but now I think it’s probably a problem with the production team or the voice actors.” And is that let’s remember that the renewal of an anime for subsequent seasons is not entirely the responsibility or decision of a mangaka, there are several factors that are not in their hands and that, sometimes, sadly prevents a series from continuing to be animated.

Among these variables are the popularity achieved in its first season, since this indicates to the production team and investors whether continuing with the series would be profitable. This parameter is measured by the audience that has seen the anime, the sales of its merchandise and the copies of its Blue-Ray/DVD. Another important point that can affect the continuity of an anime: staff changes such as seiyuus or not having enough material in the manga to animate, with this last point sometimes they opt to take an alternate route that is not faithful to the manga and this is not always to the liking of the public.

Mangaka De No Game No Life Habla De La Continuación

In the case of No Game no Life, popularity was definitely not a factor that prevented a second season from being confirmed, but rather it could be the subject of the material. Some time ago, the author had already been questioned about the reason why the anime had not been renewed and answered that he himself did not know the answer, there was some debate about it and it was asked if the fact that the ending of the series was different from the manga could be one of the reasons. But Yū Kamiya denied it, arguing that when he had been asked about the possibility of giving it a different ending, he had even suggested the route to take.

Without a concrete conclusion, the mangaka speculated that it might be because the work done during the first season of No Game no Life had been so good that it was difficult to replicate this quality for a second season. Lately, fans within the anime community have been surprised that many sequels that have been awaited for many years end up being adapted even long after their first part, so let’s hope that the same happens with No Game no Life and good news is given to the fans of this series.

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