Nintendo speaks out about fans’ “misuse” of its characters

Nintendo is one of the biggest companies in the world of video games, being that thanks to being in the market for a lot of years and launching titles of the highest quality that managed to position itself in this position, which is why it is not surprising the massive amount of fans it has. And it is that many of these also contribute their part, creating all kinds of content that can then be seen on the networks, something that Nintendo itself knows, but in many cases are not happy, as they feel that some of their characters, especially “waifus” are represented in an “inappropriate” way.

Nintendo rises up against fanarts, cosplays and other content that recreate its characters in an “improper” manner

Princesa Peach Nintendo

A few days ago, the giant in the world of video games, Nintendo, held an investor meeting where Shuntaro Furukawa, current president of the Japanese company, was present, where interesting points regarding the future of Nintendo were discussed, but what really surprised many was an unexpected topic. Among the questions asked to the president was that of a shareholder who commented on the improper use that was being given to many of the company’s intellectual properties.

The main problem that the shareholder has is that this use goes against the brand and what it really seeks to give to the public, being that although not directly named, this alludes to the illustrations or cosplays that fans make in social networks, which are often much more “anrojadores” as they were really designed. And Furukawa’s response was more than interesting, being that, although he does not name any particular case, he would take the necessary measures to avoid violating the idea that Nintendo always tried to deliver to users.

Although for this the president of the company did not give a definitive solution or what he will really do so that the characters of their franchises are “respected” by the community that is dedicated to creating content much more daring than what was taken into consideration when imagining each of these characters. Now we will only have to wait for the future to see what kind of moves Nintendo will have to stop this type of content, although it will be a very difficult move to counteract, especially if we take into account that things that are not “suitable” for the company’s eye are all over the Internet.

Rosalina Super Mario Bros.

Among some of the characters that are most often represented in this type of creations we have without a doubt the “waifus” of a large number of titles developed by Nintendo, being that one of the most important of all is Princess Peach of the Mario Bros. franchise. And she was originally created to be a cute character, but above all adorable that fulfilled the role of damsel in distress, although over the years she was changing, but many fans only focused on showing her beauty in various ways, some reaching the H style, where the biggest problem lies.

And one of the most famous cases to demonstrate how far the creation of content by fans can go is Bowsette, a “waifu” born from the minds of fans who decided to create a fusion between Bowser and Peach herself that broke the internet on its release. But Nintendo, instead of taking advantage of this version that delighted fans, decided to stay away from any kind of appearance that shows Bowsette, confirming that she is not part of the franchise in any way. This is because she was always shown as a full-fledged “whimsical waifu”, completely going against Nintendo’s family-friendly idea.


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