Nikke’s new manga generates controversy among fans

The free to play video game Nikke gacha style is going through one of its most important moments, since in a few days it will be a year in the market, and much content will be published over time to celebrate such an important event and one of the most surprising to players is that this game will have its own manga adaptation, with a work that, as usual, will show us the best “waifus” that it has, but that, even without being released, has already entered into controversy, because this adaptation will be launched in the children’s magazine CoroCoro, something that caused cross reactions among fans.

Nikke enters into controversy over the release of its manga adaptation

Naga Y Tia Nikke

The video game The Goddess of Victory: Nikke a few days ago made what would be a new transmission that would begin the various celebrations for the completion of its first anniversary in the market, with many news for all fans, from the different rewards that will be during these, the new characters and even that Nikke will have its own manga adaptation, but that did not come without controversy, and this will be published in the magazine CoroCoro, known for being focused on a more child audience.

Nikke is characterized by having a large number of “waifus” as the face of the game, being that they have bodies with “attributes” that always steal the spotlight with their thighs or busts, some even touching what would be considered H, so this manga published in a magazine that is characterized by being focused on the child audience was something that fans of the game did not let pass and that caught the attention of many.

To understand how much the inclusion of the adaptation of Nikke in CoroCoro shocks we have to know that in this magazine have been released, for the most part, franchises more focused on children, such as Mario, Pokémon or Splatoon, series recognized for being much more innocent, at least in its original content, and being Nikke what we previously commented, a video game that focuses heavily on their “waifus” and their bodies, the discontent on the part of the players is understandable.

Nikke Goddess Of Victory

And these are the ones who echoed the most about this curious fact, who, upon learning of the publication of the manga in the popular CoroCoro, raised the cry in the sky, always with the same speech of how it was given “green light” to a project in which the characters stand out for their “craving” bodies to be published in a magazine closely associated with the children’s audience, The initial announcement generated a lot of expectations, but now we only have to wait for what will happen once the manga is published.

As we mentioned, this fact comes as part of Nikke’s anniversary celebrations, being that in the official broadcast last October 27 they presented much of the new content that will be released as part of these celebrations, with new SSR grade characters such as Red Hood, who will be available in the promotional banner or Snow White: Innocent Days that will also come to the game, but she will be available completely free of charge. But without a doubt, what players loved the most is that during this festive version, you will be able to accumulate up to 106 banner runs, so it is the best time to get into the videogame.

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