NieR:Automata – Start 2024 together with this fascinating Collector’s Watch!

NieR Automata, a title developed by PlatinumGames and edited by Square Enix, is a case worthy of analysis in the world of video games. Released in 2017, this work left no one indifferent thanks to its groundbreaking narrative and for having a protagonist of infartarte figure. From that date until then, this game has managed to add a large fan base thanks to its various collaborations, this time being one that involves a fascinating collectible.

CITIZEN x NieR Automata Ver1.1a

Nier Automata

At first glance, these watches stand out for having a sober and very elegant design. And is that CITIZEN Watch has always been characterized by making limited edition collectible watches for major brands and this time has been no exception. The collaboration with “NieR Automata Ver1.1a” has a metal body that, according to the website, was inspired by the tone of the game and sought to give it a robustness worthy of YoRHa androids. In addition, the material is of high quality, which adds up to a set of extremely high mechanical and design features.

Thanks to the shots in the image above, we can see that the front of the watch takes on a construction based on the costume worn by the game’s heroine, 2B. It is clear that the black and silver inspiration seeks to resemble the clothing worn by the reserved heroine during her travels, seeking to free humanity from the yoke of the machines. On the other hand, the watch hands are based on the “White Contract” weapon that accompanies the sensual android and that most fans will appreciate to have, as the whole set shows how well referenced is this work of great collectible value.

Nier Automata

Another aspect that is also worth rescuing from the limited edition watches is the “backplate” or back of it. This time, the collaboration “CITIZEN x NieR Automata Ver1.1a” chose to engrave the letters “CITIZENWATCH” with angelic typography and in the case of the body leave it with a transparent structure, which allows to see the perfect mechanical engineering work with which this work has. In this way, the authors sought to create another “vision” of this intriguing world related to the machines and their vision of the devastated planet that they must recover.

Finally, there is the section on the clasp or insurance that this watch has. Here you can see at first glance that they engraved the emblem of YoRHa looking to close a product that will be the delight of all fans of this modern cult work.

Nier Automata

Remember that this impressive piece based on NieR Automata is already available for reservation through the ONKYO DIRECT website which has international shipping to most of South America and Mexico. So if you are interested in this product you can enter the following link and look for the purchase method that best suits you.

FACT: The price of this watch is 63,800 yen which translates into a value of approximately $441. This price could vary depending on the country, so it would be convenient to know this beforehand before a purchase that is undoubtedly tempting.

Good luck!

Nier Automata

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