Nier:Automata 2B and A2 generate huge earnings to Nikke

Nier:Automata has managed to raise a lot of fans since the premiere of the video game, as it presented a new way to play and at the same time to get involved in the world presented in the story and with the implementation of the characters 2B and A2 managed to catapult the popularity of the franchise to what it is today.

And taking advantage of the popularity of Nier:Automata, the well-known mobile game GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE launched a collaboration with Nier, which consisted in implementing a special limited time recruitment to obtain the lovely 2B and A2, the best known waifus of Nier:Automata in a collaboration that became very striking because the public expected to see the “physics” of the characters in the gameplay and it seems that the result was very positive for the mobile game.

Collaboration between Nier: Automata and GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE

In recent days, the monthly earnings of mobile video games were reported internationally and Nikke seems to be able to position itself very well in the ranking due to this great collaboration that took place, since being the most popular characters of the Nier: Automata franchise and the best known worldwide got the attention of many fans around the world who wanted to get 2B and A2 as possible.

The popularity of Nier: Automata was greatly reflected in Nikke’s earnings in the last month, as it made the game generate approximately 12 million dollars in profits and ranked 4th in the highest earning mobile games of September, far surpassing Fate/Gran Order and Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, which is a very significant achievement and undoubtedly demonstrates the popularity of the waifus.

Nier Automata-Nikke
Nier Automata-Nikke

The people in charge of GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE this time managed to create a perfect formula to attract a new audience to the game, as well as bring back old players who had abandoned the game and who would not want to play a game where cute waifus show their great physiques while shooting and more when they are your favorite characters from other franchises recreated with their original design, but with a special touch, making them even more attractive than they were before.

Undoubtedly GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE has learned from some mistakes in terms of trying to promote their video game and with this collaboration with Nier:Automata they have shown that they are able to make excellent decisions that will positively affect the video game, meanwhile we will have to wait for the future to see what other exciting collaborations Nikke will bring us so we can enjoy the most while playing this video game that always brings us the best waifus that can exist.

Nikke Nier Automata Collab 1

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