Nero Claudius from Fate/Grand Order is recreated in the most beautiful way possible.

The great Fate franchise has managed to provide us with beautiful waifus for all kinds of audiences, from the publication of the visual novel, to the Fate/Grand Order game, with which fans have been amazed by the endless number of characters. But one of those who has stood out for its unique physique and charisma is Nero Claudius, which this time surprises us with a series of beautiful images of her recreated in real life.

Fate/Grand Order: Nero Claudius demonstrates its greatness in amazing footage

Fate/Grand Order

The user called mysmartarts surprised us this time with a wonderful new version of Nero Claudius, in which we can see that it was recreated in a realistic version, which perfectly captures the appearance of this popular servant. And thanks to these images we can now imagine how Nero could be in real life, which fans will be grateful for recreating her in such a beautiful version.

As we can see in the images, the look that was given to Nero Claudius was the same as the one she appears in the different installments of Fate, as we can see that she is wearing a red military dress that perfectly highlights the greatness of the powerful Nero. And of course also the hairstyle that characterizes this character was recreated in these images in a great way, showing Nero’s beautiful hair that would undoubtedly leave people enchanted.

Nero Claudius 5

Although the poses that Nero is performing are very relaxed, the aura she emits is still very imposing and being a very charismatic character, we often forget the greatness/strength that she has, so many fans will be amazed by the way in which her appearance transcended to real life.

As for the mistakes we can find in these images, we can see that the colors of Nero’s outfit differ in several illustrations, as they are different from the colors of the costumes she wears in Fate/Extra and even the design differs in some images. But overall these images at first glance are great, so we hope Fate fans will like this beautiful version of Nero.

Nero Claudius 4

Fate/Grand Order is a free to play video game where the player gets the role of “Master”, who can, to fight in different combats, summon beings known as “Servants”. These stand out for the great variety of designs they have, together with combat skills that will greatly help the player, who in turn must choose the best characters to obtain victory, based on these in combats full of emotion and adrenaline. What is most striking about this video game is the enormous amount of characters that you can collect through the gachapon, so you will have to make a great effort if you want to get your favorite waifu.