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Nanatsu no Taizai reveals an amazing open-world video game

Nanatsu no Taizai, better known as The Seven Deadly Sins, is one of the most popular shonen anime of the last generation. As both the manga and anime recently came to an end, along with the release of its sequel Four Knights of the Apocalypse, the franchise continues to enjoy much success, which translated more than well to the video game industry. The mobile title The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross continues to accumulate many downloads since its release in 2020 and now, developer Netmarble has just announced a new, much more ambitious project based on this saga.

Nanatsu no Taizai comes to consoles, in a huge open-world setting

Combate De Meliodas En The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin

This is The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin, the new “Triple A” videogame based on the world of Nanatsu no Taizai. Its plot takes place specifically after the events of the original series, since the protagonist of this adventure will be Tristan, the son of Meliodas and Elizabeth. It seems that the boy will be involved in a complex plot related to time manipulation powers granted to him by a strange talisman. We still do not know many more details about the plot of this game, but that is not relevant at the moment, since the gameplay is what catches the attention of this trailer.

In The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin players will control several members of the famous order of the Seven Deadly Sins, in addition to Tristan. In the images we could see Meliodas fighting with his swords, Gowther fighting with his bow & arrow or Merlin fighting with his magic. But we wouldn’t be surprised if all 7 members are playable characters. You’ll be able to explore the vast world of Britannia, where you’ll have to face different monsters and demons, many of which you’ll recognize from the original Nanatsu no Taizai series. We even got to see Tristan take on a huge boss that takes the spectacle of this title to another level.

Cinemática De Tristan Y Meliodas En The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin

But the most surprising part of this trailer was the graphics of this new game. Created with the Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine, The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin has a colorful and beautiful art style that looks like something out of the Nanatsu no Taizai anime. It’s clear that Netmarble put a lot of budget into this game, as it seems to be inspired by ambitious open-world titles such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Genshin Impact. And there’s nothing wrong with that, as both are incredible video games.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin will be available for PC, mobile devices and home consoles, although we still don’t know which ones exactly. It also doesn’t have a confirmed release date at the moment, but we here at Anmo Sugoi will keep you posted with all the updates on this new game based on Nanatsu no Taizai.

Póster Oficial De The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin

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