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Nami from One Piece captivates in a beautiful new figure

The most popular and recognized worldwide franchises like One Piece always have a way to surprise their fans. If we talk about products inspired by this adventure we are going to present you one more figure that you could add to your collection, because it is a very special one inspired by one of the most beloved waifus by the fans and by Oda too of course, we refer in this case to the beautiful Nami.

Nami from One Piece will enchant you in this amazing collectible piece

One Piece Nami Figura 1

No story could be the same without the presence of the girls that make it up, and One Piece is no exception, since there is a variety of waifus that make fans fall in love, becoming the favorites of many. Whether it is because of their character or design, they are incredible girls that have different abilities and without them the adventures would not have the same excitement.

Among them we have the beautiful member of Luffy’s team, Nami, who has captured the fans for her courage, affection and unconditional support for her friends. As in every occasion, she always highlights her unmatched beauty, and today is no exception, as FAce Studio brings us a new collectible figure inspired by this girl, especially in the Egghead Arc.

Let’s remember that this is the first arc of the eternal final saga of the One Piece manga, also known as the Future Island Arc, and everything must be in keeping with the theme, which is why this time Nami arrives with an incredible costume from this collection that will captivate you. It is one that is simple, but cute and somewhat revealing, which simply highlights her figure.

Standing upright, standing on a gray and silver circular platform, with her left hand on her hip, her right hand on her forehead and with a sign, Nami from One Piece wears a unique outfit consisting of: long metallic pink platform boots, exposing her long legs, and on top a light pink sleeveless vest-like shirt made of a material that fits her figure and highlights her great attributes.

One Piece Nami Figura 2

With a small pink pouch on the right side of her hip and headphone-like devices, her large brown eyes and iconic long reddish hair stand out. The 1/6th scale figure of Nami is approximately 30 cm tall. If this is of your interest, you should know that you can already make your reservation, as this collection only has 188 pieces available.

Undoubtedly this is a great collectible figure and of very good quality that you will surely want to add to your One Piece collection and if you want to know more details to acquire it you can do it in the following link. It will cost approximately $165 dollars and although there is still no set delivery date, fans who have made their pre-sale will be notified, so you know, if you are ready to buy it do not hesitate.

One Piece is one of the most important anime franchises of all, being that its importance has managed to be placed in the highest positions of popularity with a story that catches from the first moment and introduces us to several very charismatic characters. In addition, during the year 2023 it launched its live-action version on the Netflix platform, which is not only a great adaptation, but also helped the popularity of this franchise only continues to grow more and more, even having already confirmed a second season.

One Piece Nami En Su Atuendo Del Arco De Egghead Portada