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Nami from One Piece turns up the heat by dressing up as a nurse in new product

Nami is one of the most beloved characters in the One Piece franchise, not only for being one of the first members of the crew of the “straw hat”, but she is one of the most beloved female characters for her beauty and cunning that with the passage of each arc only reaffirms the capabilities of this “waifu”. And now this beauty is enhanced in a new figure, which will not only delight by having her as the main character, but also dresses her as a pretty nurse that will make more than one fan fall in love all over the world.

Nami from One Piece comes to us as a cute nurse

Impresionante, Así Luce Nami De One Piece En Nueva Figura H De Enfermera
Impresionante, Así Luce Nami De One Piece En Nueva Figura H De Enfermera

In this audacious figure it seems that our navigator left aside the maps to enter fully into a new profession. The wonderful thing about merchandising is that it is possible to recreate thousands of products based on a series, you can make your favorite characters have any profession, wear different clothes and this time why not? Make our navigator a seductive nurse.

This figure brought to you by orzGK has managed to captivate One Piece fans. As you can appreciate in the images, Nami is the center of attention for her outfit and her daring pose, we notice how the beautiful young woman raises one of her knees on a black stool. This allows us to appreciate her slender legs that are adorned by some transparent stockings that reach her thighs and also her right leg is adjusted by a nice light.

As a complement Nami is wearing silver heels that fit perfectly with the theme of health professional, also her fine shoes match her medicine cabinet that we can notice on the side of the bench where she has skillfully placed her leg to highlight her feminine charms. The One Piece character is wearing a tight-fitting white dress that frames her curves, this alludes to the gowns worn by doctors.

Impresionante, Así Luce Nami De One Piece En Nueva Figura H De Enfermera

The front of the garment has a path of buttons that lead to her “charms” to allow us to appreciate the wonderful neckline that frames her great gifts. The dress has short sleeves, this style we have seen many times in One Piece, as Nami usually shows her arms, the garment has a flirty bow on the lower back that makes us notice her hips.

This figure would be nothing without those details that make it stand out from the rest, we have the nurse’s cap that Nami wears on her head, on the stand where the serum is placed and on the marble base that really looks like the floor of a hospital. The expression on the One Piece character’s face is brimming with joy, her huge eyes instantly catch the eye as well as her cute smile, plus her long wavy orange hair gives her a touch of femininity that we can’t deny.

Impresionante, Así Luce Nami De One Piece En Nueva Figura H De Enfermera

It is worth mentioning that the figure of the navigator of One Piece has a face change where she makes a more serious expression, far removed from the original design, plus the article also has removable clothing that we know will make many fans quite happy. The product has been made with high quality resin, whose details we can notice in his clothes, colors and accessories, being that the cost of this figure is $235 dollars.

There is no doubt that Nami has never looked more beautiful and with the entire One Piece franchise going through one of its best moments, we do not doubt that very soon we will have news of new items inspired by their beloved characters.

Nami De One Piece