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Na Nare Hana Nare: Meet Anna Aveiro pays homage to Messi

On July 7 of this year, the anime series Na Nare Hana Nare, an original work by Takada Tomomi, premiered. It features a peculiar female character whose name has apparently been inspired by very famous professional soccer players around the world. Anna Aveiro Nakamura Dos Santos Moreira Cuccittini is the blonde-haired girl of Brazilian origin who uses a name, besides being long, that is notoriously dedicated to or pays homage to world-renowned soccer players.

Brazilian waifu who pays tribute to soccer players, Anna Aveiro of Na Nare Hana Nare

Anna Aveiro De Na Nare Hana Nare

Anna Aveiro is one of the main characters in this series of fabulous high school cheerleaders. In addition to her shiny, neat blonde hair, she has light blue eyes and an angelic gaze that perfectly matches her usual cheerleading outfit of yellow and green shades. She has an attractive figure, apparently well trained and outstanding with which she wears her charming cheerleader outfit that coincidentally matches the colors of her country of origin. But it is undoubtedly her full name, Anna Aveiro Nakamura Dos Santos Moreira Cuccittini, that has attracted attention.

It is very evident that the name of this attractive high school girl from the Omaebashi academy refers to great figures of world soccer. Among them, Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini, the 10 of Argentina, considered the best player in the world and a world reference icon in soccer, Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro, the 7 of Portugal and one of the best players of all time, Ronaldo de Assis Moreira “Ronaldinho” who for a long time has been one of the most talented strikers that Brazil had and Shunsuke Nakamura, the 10 of Japan during the 2000’s very well known in his country.

There are those who specifically consider these first 3 honored by Anna Aveiro (Messi, Cristiano and Ronaldinho) as the three GOATS or Greatest of all Time, that is, the best players of all time. A very subjective topic that can vary greatly depending on the opinion of each person. And in this publication on Meta’s Facebook you can see how the followers of this recent series are very curious about the striking name and its clear reference placed at a glance.

Chicas De Na Nare Hana Nare Anna Aveiro

For those who don’t know, the newly released cheerleading sports series Na Nare Hana Nare is an original work produced by and animated by P.A. Works directed and written by Koudai Kakimoto together with Yuniko Ayana and Midori Gotou. The opening theme song is “Cheer for you!” and the closing theme song is “with” performed by the seiyus of the series. It is currently airing and can be watched through streaming services such as Crunchyroll.

The plot of Na Nare Hana Nare introduces us to the prestigious Takanosaki High School, which aims to win the national cheerleading championship for the second year in a row. Kanata Misora, who despite being a freshman earned a spot on the A-team thanks to her experience in national high school tournaments, stopped being able to jump due to a mistake made during a competition.

One day, Kanata saw Ryouha Kodana, a high school student practicing parkour, jumping from one building to another next to a train. Alongside Kanata and Ryouha are Shion, a young rhythmic gymnast; Anna, a student who has just returned from Brazil; Onoka, Anna’s classmate and practitioner of yoga philosophy; and Emi, Kanata’s former teammate who uses a wheelchair.

Despite having different hobbies, skills and personalities, this group of girls sing, crash, perform acrobatics, and lose themselves in their fantasies. When their hearts are united with a pure feeling of wanting to cheer, PoMPoMs support transcends the boundaries of cheerleading and touches people’s hearts.

Na Nare Hana Nare