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My Hero Academia: Ochako Uraraka’s Surprising Denouement Delights Fans

In the recent chapter 424 of the My Hero Academia manga (Boku no Hero Academia) we have observed, as its name suggests, part of the epilogue of the Shonen that has delighted us for years. Now we see a curious panel that shows us what happens after the destruction of much of the city and UA facilities. It is that the character of Ochako Uraraka and her parents smile for a moment, as her father begins to work in construction, something he could not even do before. This has caused an emotional moment with many opinions about it. WARNING! this note may contain some spoilers from the Boku no Hero manga.

The recent episode of My Hero Academia shows the denouement of Ochako uraraka and her family.

Uraraka Padre Boku No Hero

In the recent epilogue of My Hero Academia, chapter 424, which shows us the calm after the storm, the reconstruction of the city that had not seen the sunlight for a long time. In this chapter the fans have highlighted a moment with a lot of relevance, but that only little is observed, is that, we know, Ochako Uraraka’s family is poor and does not have much work to fill this void. This fact changes drastically in the recent chapter by giving Ochako’s father a job, who smiles because he will finally be able to bring money home.

Fans smile in unison, in the same way, some write with laughter their opinion about this fact: “It was all a Uraraka plan for his family to have a job”, “It does not have much visibility, but only that vignette explains many things”, “Thanks for everything to the league of Villains”, “At last Uraraka can eat a roast chicken”, “Look how happy he looks, that implies that now he is proud to have a job to support his family”.

This event is relevant, as we have mentioned, and is that in this final battle much of the city is left in ruins, the society shattered in Japan, but the hope of the heroes and their will made the sun rise again. We have seen how for this reason My Hero Academia has taken trends around the world in its narrative climax breaking the internet. Something that recently became a trend was the adaptation of the seventh season in its recent chapters at the hands of the character Hatsune Mei, from our side we have presented a very interesting H figure in this note that might interest you.

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For many of the fans of Ochako Uraraka’s character, this moment may make them shed some tears of emotion, as through the moments we witness in My Hero Academia, we observe how Ochako constantly fights for her family to have a decent life. Now her family has income and will be able to enjoy her job as a Heroine, It was a meme with a lot of support, but the comments and reactions turn their attention to the very emotional moment for the characters and fans of the show.

It is that the character of Ochako Uraraka, as one of the first friends of Izuku Midoriya who at all times has supported the dreams of the protagonist. Ochako comes from a poor family that has suffered in life for not having a job, we see her risk her life in the AU tournament in the second season of the anime against Bakugou, showing that her will is strong despite her kind personality. She is a likeable, capable girl and in critical moments, able to think fast and act tough. A character that has lifted Izuku up, making him understand his place and skills as a real hero.

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The story of My Hero Academia tells the adventures of Izuku Midoriya, a boy who is born with the condition of having no powers in a world where heroes and villains exist as in the comics. This boy’s life is looked down upon by many, as having no powers is a rare thing to see. Izuku is shown as someone who is enthusiastic, strong-willed, not often self-confident, a fan of heroes. Meeting the number one hero, All Might changes his life, as Izuku saving his friend Bakugou from a villain (All Might saves him), then receiving the words he needed “You can be a hero”.

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