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My Hero Academia: Mt. Lady’s giant beauty arrives in new figurine

Franchises like “My Hero Academia” (Boku no Hero Academia) have become one of the most recognized in anime and manga, apparently superheroes never go out of fashion and although lately the development of the story in recent arcs has been questioned, despite these controversies, its success continues. Now, to delight fans even more, a new figure has been released featuring the beautiful Mt. Lady, recreated with an out-of-this-world level of detail.

The great Mt. Lady from My Hero Academia will surprise you with this figure.

Mt. Lady Figura Boku No Hero 2

We are just a few days away from the long-awaited premiere of the seventh season in Japan, which means that very soon we will be able to see the first chapter to follow Deku accompanied by Class A on his way to becoming the best superhero. And while that happens, they always surprise us with new merchandise that is liked by many fans of the franchise, especially because of who is the protagonist of this incredible piece that many will want to add to their collection for sure.

And more, knowing that this product is based on one of the most recognized waifuas of the franchise for her beauty, we are referring to Mt. Lady, who since her appearance did nothing but steal the looks and attention of many, thanks to her “Gigantification” quirk, making her attributes stand out even more.

Of course she is one of the favorites of My Hero Academia and that is why the company Takara Tomy was not left behind and has revealed its next release with a figure inspired by Mt. Lady with a version where she brings her fabulous heroine costume, the figure is not articulated, but certainly of very good quality finish and details that will surprise you.

Mt. Lady Figura Boku No Hero 1

Wearing her tight-fitting superheroine costume of beige with purple and orange details, she shows off her attributes, with her long blonde hair, and her unmistakable purple mask with two horns sticking out on the sides. She poses on one foot and leaning forward and slightly turned to one side, with one hand on her waist and with a flirtatious expression, we see her winking with her purple eyes.

The base of this incredible figure is circular, but Mt. Lady, is stepping on some debris like rocks and destroying with its large size a small building and accompanied by the onomatopoeia Krash! The figure is 1/90 scale and measures 24.5 centimeters approximately and costs $153.99 dollars and $127.89 dollars if you have a membership. The pre-sale is already available and is scheduled to reach fans in October this year, so if you want to add Mt. Lady to your My Hero Academia collection you can do it here.

Mt. Lady Figura Boku No Hero 3
My Hero Academia Mt. Lady Figura 5
My Hero Academia Mt. Lady Figura 6

My Hero Academia presents us with a universe where superpowers, known as “quirks”, are part of everyday life. In this world, approximately 80% of the population has developed special abilities, leading to the emergence of heroes and villains who fight for balance and justice.

The plot centers on Izuku Midoriya, a passionate young man and admirer of heroes, but who, unfortunately, was born without a quirk. Despite this apparent disadvantage, Izuku dreams of becoming a hero and protecting others. His life takes a radical turn when he encounters the legendary hero All Might, possessor of the most powerful quirk of all.

Touched by Izuku’s determination and indomitable spirit, All Might decides to pass on his power to him, making the young man his apprentice and giving him the opportunity to attend the prestigious U.A. High School, an academy dedicated to training future heroes.

Throughout the series, we follow in the footsteps of Izuku and his classmates as they confront dangerous villains, overcome personal challenges, and discover the true meaning of being a hero. With charismatic characters, exciting battles and a world full of possibilities, “My Hero Academia” invites us to immerse ourselves in an epic journey of self-improvement, friendship and bravery in a world where hope and heroism are within the reach of those who dare to dream big.

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