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My Hero Academia: Himiko Toga and Ochako Uraraka reunite in amazing cosplay

Although the story of My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia), created by the mangaka Horikoshi has had ups and downs throughout its development, there is no doubt that it has been a favorite in recent years and this is thanks to its characters have become endearing, especially if we talk about the waifus. And now two of the most beloved, Himiko Toga and Ochaco Uraraka, have been recreated in a new double cosplay that brings them a little closer to our world thanks to the beautiful creators of these works.

Uraraka and Toga from My Hero Academia brought to life in cosplay

My Hero Academia Toga Uraraka Cosplay

We know that cosplays are one of the best signs of affection and admiration of a work and that is why we are always on the lookout to share with you the best works we find on the web and this is no exception, because we are sure you will love this amazing cosplay. This time it’s about two waifus fighting for the attention and heart of our rising hero, the young Izuku Midoriya.

They are the girls of My Hero Academia who also bring much of their plot to the story and is that to stand out for their personality, design or simply their beauty, it is not necessary to be a villain or heroine. And Himiko and Uraraka show it to us in this cosplay together that has left us impressed by their hard work and dedication they have put in each and every detail.

Recently, the cosplayer @ouran_sakura__ through her official Twitter/X profile has shared with all her followers her latest cosplay that has enchanted the internet, and this time she personified the cute Uraraka accompanied by another cosplayer who has taken the place of the intense villain Toga. Both have dazzled with their particular beauty and many My Hero Academia fans have praised their work and hope to see more of it.

My Hero Academia Uraraka Cosplay

In the photo we can see both waifus posing next to each other, as if Uraraka and Himiko were great friends, but enemies in love, as both have set their eyes on the same young hero Deku, however, they look very beautiful, each with their respective school uniform. Toga in the classic blue and white sailor uniform with her red bow tie and waving her right hand, her amber eyes and blonde hair.

While little Ochaco wears her U.A. uniform with a gray jacket with green motifs, white blouse and red tie, with her big brown eyes and hair, with a small smile on her face, she raises her right fist to the side. Undoubtedly, one of the best cosplays of My Hero Academia and that we have loved.


For those who do not know the story of My Hero Academia, it presents a world where a large part of the population (80%) developed special abilities of all kinds, so with this, hundreds of heroes were born to protect the citizens. Because just as these emerged, so did the villains who seek to do evil and break the justice for which humans have fought so hard.

With this we meet our protagonist of My Hero Academia, Izuku Midoriya, a young man who is within that small group that does not possess any ability, but he always dreamed of becoming one of the heroes he loves so much, but especially All Might, the supreme representation of what it is to be one of these. But although his dream seemed impossible, his life changes when after an incredible event, the same hero he admires chooses him to be his successor, giving him his power so he can become the new face of justice.

Now with his new power, our protagonist must enter the prestigious U.A. High School, specialized in training the best heroes of all, and where Izuku must not only attend to become a full-fledged hero, but also to control this great power that has been entrusted to him. Although this will not be an easy task, since the villains will not only continue to perform acts of all kinds, but now they are grouping together to create a revolution against the heroes, in a story full of emotion, drama, action and much heroism as is My Hero Academia.

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