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My Hero Academia: Curious shot of Himiko Toga goes viral

The seventh season of the anime adaptation of the successful manga by Kouhei Horikoshi, known as “My Hero Academia” (Boku no Hero Academia) has been giving a lot to talk about in different social networks and internet platforms. Whether it is because of the story that this new installment of the series will cover or the characters that will have or had a more important role for various reasons, the otaku community is on the lookout for new episodes that will be released every week.

However, one of the episodes of this new season of the anime “My Hero Academia” has become viral on the internet in recent hours and it is one that has as its protagonist the captivating “Himiko Toga” and this is due to a curious approach that has been given to the character, something that caused the fans of the franchise to “thank” the animation studio BONES for those “beautiful views”.

My Hero Academia’s captivating Himiko Toga goes viral for one scene

Boku No Hero Academia Himiko Toga Fanservice

As some may know, this version of the scene is an edition that has been spreading on the internet, where we can see much more of Himiko Toga’s butt angle, generating confusion from some people who asked if this image really belonged to an episode of the seventh season of the anime “My Hero Academia“.

Boku No Hero Academia Himiko Toga Fanservice 1

As soon as the edited image of Toga was released, different users of various social networks and internet platforms have been sharing their impressions. In a publication made by “Twitter/X” user Sylphie (@SlyPerformer), where he made a comparison between the edited version and the original version of the manga, fans of the “My Hero Academia” franchise chimed in, stating that “they should watch the anime series, as the manga is poorly adapted”, along with other comments where they thanked the animation studio BONES for this “necessary angle for the plot”.

Another detail to note about this publication of the user “Sylphie” is that it managed to exceed the extraordinary figure of more than 1 million views and more than 31K likes on the social network Twitter, so his publication caught the attention of My Hero Academia fans who are following the weekly broadcast of the seventh season of the television anime.

My Hero Academia“, also known as “Boku no Hero Academia” in Japan, is an action shonen manga that is written and illustrated by Kouhei Horikoshi. The work made its debut in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in July 2014. Currently, Shueisha Publishing has published 40 compilation volumes of the My Hero Academia manga.

The anime adaptation of Kouhei Horikoshi’s manga premiered on April 3, 2016 and has experienced remarkable public acclaim. This adaptation consists of six seasons, totaling 138 episodes, in addition to three movies, four OVAs and a seventh season currently airing. The series is produced by the animation studio BONES. For the enjoyment of viewers, the series is available legally on the Crunchyroll platform and has English dubbing.

My Hero Academia Season 7 Visual Crunchyroll

My Hero Academia” introduces us to a universe where superpowers, known as “quirks,” are part of everyday life. In this world, approximately 80% of the population has developed special abilities, leading to the emergence of heroes and villains who fight for balance and justice.

The plot centers on Izuku Midoriya, a passionate young man and admirer of heroes, but who, unfortunately, was born without a quirk. Despite this apparent disadvantage, Izuku dreams of becoming a hero and protecting others. His life takes a radical turn when he encounters the legendary hero All Might, possessor of the most powerful quirk of all.

Touched by Izuku’s determination and indomitable spirit, All Might decides to pass on his power to him, making the young man his apprentice and giving him the opportunity to attend the prestigious U.A. High School, an academy dedicated to training future heroes.

Throughout the series, we follow in the footsteps of Izuku and his classmates as they confront dangerous villains, overcome personal challenges, and discover the true meaning of being a hero. With charismatic characters, exciting battles and a world full of possibilities, “My Hero Academia” invites us to immerse ourselves in an epic journey of self-improvement, friendship and bravery in a world where hope and heroism are within the reach of those who dare to dream big.
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