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My Hero Academia unveiled the amazing cover of Volume 39

On the official website of the publisher Shueisha, the popular shonen manga “Boku no Hero Academia” (My Hero Academia) has presented the official cover of its compilation volume #39. According to the information provided on the official website of the publisher Shueisha, this volume of the My Hero Academia manga is scheduled to be released in bookstores in Japan on November 2 of this year.

The incredible cover of the 39th compilation volume of the My Hero Academia manga will feature the characters Ochako Uraraka, Shouto Todoroki and All Might. It should be noted that this volume will consist of a total of 184 pages and will be available at a price of 528 yen.

My Hero Academia manga unveiled the cover of its 39th volume

Boku No Hero Academia Manga Vol 39

My Hero Academia“, also known as “Boku no Hero Academia” in Japan, is an exciting shonen action manga created by the talented Kouhei Horikoshi. This work began its publication in the pages of the renowned Weekly Shonen Jump magazine of the prestigious publishing house Shueisha, back in July 2014. Since then, it has captivated the hearts of legions of fans and has achieved the impressive feat of accumulating 38 compilation volumes, all of them published with great success.

On April 3, 2016, the anime adaptation of “My Hero Academia” was released, which so far has had six seasons with a total of 138 episodes, plus three movies, four OVAs. The anime was produced by the animation studio BONES and directed by Kenji Nagasaki.

My Hero Academia 7Ma Temporada

In March of this year, the production of a seventh season of the anime was announced. However, no information has yet been provided about the release date of this new season. But that’s not all, as within months of confirming the production of a new installment of the My Hero Academia anime, a new movie for this popular franchise was also announced.

Boku No Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) The Movie 4

My Hero Academia” introduces us to a universe where superpowers, known as “quirks,” are part of everyday life. In this world, approximately 80% of the population has developed special abilities, leading to the emergence of heroes and villains who fight for balance and justice.

The plot centers on Izuku Midoriya, a passionate young man and admirer of heroes, but who, unfortunately, was born without a quirk. Despite this apparent disadvantage, Izuku dreams of becoming a hero and protecting others. His life takes a radical turn when he encounters the legendary hero All Might, possessor of the most powerful quirk of all.

Touched by Izuku’s determination and indomitable spirit, All Might decides to pass on his power to him, making the young man his apprentice and giving him the opportunity to attend the prestigious U.A. High School, an academy dedicated to training future heroes.

Throughout the series, we follow in the footsteps of Izuku and his classmates as they confront dangerous villains, overcome personal challenges, and discover the true meaning of being a hero. With charismatic characters, exciting battles and a world full of possibilities, “My Hero Academia” invites us to immerse ourselves in an epic journey of self-improvement, friendship and bravery in a world where hope and heroism are within the reach of those who dare to dream big.

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