My Deer Friend Nokotan

My Deer Friend Nokotan: Interview with the voices of Nokotan and Koshitan

Few series capture the essence of comedy and charm like the anime “My Deer Friend Nokotan“. Here, Anmo Sugoi had the privilege of interviewing Megumi Han, the talented actress behind the voice of Nokotan, and Saki Fujita, who brings the complex character of Koshitan to life.

My Deer Friend Nokotan Anime

This exclusive interview takes us behind the scenes of “My Deer Friend Nokotan,” showing how the chemistry between the characters and the talent of these actresses resonates with fans around the world, including passionate fans in America.

Interview with Megumi Han – (Nokotan)

Megumi Han

Nokotan is known for her clumsiness and the crazy situations she gets into. How would you describe her?

Well, she’s a deer all the time. Not to be confused with anything else, her name is Noko Shikanoko, a deer! Call her Nokotan. It’s her life as a deer that makes her so captivating. She simply lives free and wild, with no rules to hold her back.

What was your biggest challenge in playing Nokotan?

The key was to get carried away… But hey, let’s face it, acting without thinking is a challenge! Just kidding. I mean, there were times when I had to nail it as a voice actor, and changing the vibe required some consideration. And then, it was about finding that balance between following the script and letting loose in the performance.

Were there any particular scenes that were especially fun to shoot?

Every scene is a gem! Immerse yourself in this meticulously crafted world from end to end and enjoy the ride.

During filming, I always aimed to make Oshioshio-sensei (the author of the manga) laugh as much as possible, as Oshioshio-sensei was always present in the studio. I felt that I won every time I managed to make Oshioshio-sensei laugh. However, I took myself too seriously and ended up getting my lines wrong and spreading this bad habit to everyone. So I take this opportunity to apologize for that. It’s true what they say about too much of a good thing. I deeply regret it.

The quick responses of Saki Fujita, who plays Koshitan, are always like a breath of fresh air in every episode. No matter how much she scolds or ignores me, you can still feel the love underneath it all. It’s like, even though I’m still goofing off, I don’t feel lonely. It’s really heartwarming, and not just from her, but from the whole cast.

My Deer Friend Nokotan: Entrevista A Las Seiyuus Que Dan Voz A Nokotan Y Koshitan

Do you think there are elements of humor in Nokotan that will resonate especially well with viewers in different countries, considering that the series has an international audience?

The word “chaos” is what comes to mind. You never knew what was going to happen on the next page. Who would have thought of blowing up a gym with deer antlers? This world doesn’t follow the rules. And then there’s Noko-tan, the epitome of addictive chaos. With just a “Not-su!” or a “Nun!”, she builds a whole universe around her!

Do you have any comments you would like to share with your American fans?

Given the pre-launch excitement, it is comforting to realize that deer are loved by people all over the world. “My Deer Friend Nokotan” is always here to welcome you. Feel free to watch it whenever you want, feel as you wish and share it as you like. May Koshitan and his friends be food for your heart.

Interview with Saki Fujita – (Koshitan)

Saki Fujita

How would you describe Koshitan in her role as student council president and her duality as an ex-offender?

Koshitan, student council president, is like the epitome of excellence and beauty at Hino Minami High School. Meanwhile, she strives to maintain her image as a “model student” while hiding her past as a former delinquent. Aside from her criminal past, she is just an average JK who loves everything cute, totally centered.

How does Koshitan react to Nokotan’s arrival and how does he deal with these situations?

When Nokotan enters her life, it’s as if her whole world is turned upside down. When there’s no one to fool around, she continues to come up with sharp answers alone, face difficult situations and struggle alone. Through it all, Koshitan shines-that’s what makes Koshitan so awesome! Although saying that might stress her out even more (laughs). I have a lot of fun playing her, so I’m really grateful to have met Koshitan.

My Deer Friend Nokotan: Entrevista A Las Seiyuus Que Dan Voz A Nokotan Y Koshitan

How does Koshitan handle the possibility of his identity as an ex-offender being revealed?

Koshitan thinks it would be the end of the world if his identity as an ex-criminal was exposed, but that’s not something that can be easily hidden, so he always keeps his battle mode activated.

How did you collaborate with Megumi Han to create a comic dynamic between Koshitan and Nokotan?

During the recording sessions, we didn’t have much room to improvise according to the director’s guide. But it was always fun to hear Han-chan (Megumi Han) ask in Nokotan’s voice, “Can I try something here?” while adding ad-libs (improvisations) in a clever way.

What do you hope international viewers will take away from the relationship between Koshitan and Nokotan?

That they believe they are destined to be together for the rest of their lives.

My Deer Friend Nokotan

Do you have any comments you would like to share with your American fans?

I believe that this anime can convey its message even to those who do not understand Japanese, so I am incredibly happy to receive support from people all over the world. To those of you who watched the preview, please consider watching the full series, AND even if you haven’t seen it yet, I hope you will tune in and help spread the word about deer around the world! Thank you so much for your support! Come on, deer power!

My Deer Friend Nokotan

“My Deer Friend Nokotan” is an anime gem that you can’t miss. The chemistry between the characters, the comedy and the hidden secrets make this series irresistible. This anime will be available on the Anime Onegai platform for all of America, so we invite you to immerse yourself in the chaotic and addictive world of deer, the power of deer is just a click away!

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