My Deer Friend Nokotan

My Deer Friend Nokotan and Super Mario Bros 3 Collaborate in New Viral Dance

The dance from the anime My Deer Friend Nokotan (Shikanoko Nokonoko Koshitantan) has gone viral in recent days, so much so that Twitter/X users have brought Super Mario Bros 3 and its soundtrack to the formula. Presenting a remix of the iconic songs of the Super Nintendo game adapting them to this new series and its dance so viral within social networks and media. A couple of minutes with an impressive combination of notes that is almost medicine for the soul.

Fan creates epic crossover between Super Mario Bros 3 and My Deer Friend Nokotan

In a recent Twitter/X update by user “@saradisk”, he has delighted the world with a music video that fuses the best songs from the Super Nintendo game Super Mario Bros. 3 with the recent viral anime My deer friend Nokotan dance. This offering many positive responses and great support with tens of thousands of reproductions.

The comments offer much tenderness and joy for this musical crossover of both franchises: “It awakens tenderness in me every time I listen to it in each of its versions”, “Nostalgia and tenderness have come in one”, “Cute”, “Very good and amazing to listen to”. Everyone agrees that the song sounds very tender and refreshing with this combination of rhythm and style. Will this be one of the best comedy anime of the upcoming season?

From the moment My Deer Friend Nokotan has offered this catchy dance it has caused the internet to be filled with related videos and music, this reminds us of the hit Bling Bang Bang Born, which offered us a lot of fun with the great Creepy Nuts theme song. So much so that not only Super Mario Bros 3, but series like Sousou no Frieren (Frieren Beyond Journey’s end) have made their own version of it thanks to talented fans. This we have detailed in this note of our page.

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My Deer Friend Nokotan Anime Captura 0101

This trend speaks very well of the series My Deer Friend Nokotan, as it gives a good introduction to future viewers and works as a way to make the series visible to the public, so it is expected to be one of the favorites of the season. What series or video game will be the next to join this trend around social networks, we can only wait to enjoy the creativity of artists and talents that offer us these audiovisual gems.

We have observed how this dance has gone around the world, but what is My Deer Friend Nokotan about? It is a manga that by the year 2019 was released in the month of November as part of the project of its author Oshioshio. This was taken by Wit Studio to make an animated adaptation for next July. With just one scene extracted from its visuals where its main characters dance has made the world tremble with tenderness, offering a good start to the work.

It narrates the adventures of Torako Koshi, a Japanese high school student who lives carefully hiding her past, which is not the best of all. Torako lived the life of a teenage delinquent with little to be proud of. She was walking one day as usual on her routes when a horned girl named Noko Shikanoko is endangered by an accident with a certain electrical wire, saving her life immediately. Toroko watches as Noko becomes aware of her secret, being moments later by chance or fate transferred to her same class, thus beginning the story of the two in a series full of comedy.

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