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Mushoku Tensei: Roxy and Rudeus cause controversy in their riveting reunion

Mushoku Tensei” (Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation) has become popular not only for its story, but for being constantly in the eye of the storm, with various controversies mostly caused by Rudeus, its peculiar protagonist who, with his way of being, always gives a lot to talk about among the Mushoku Tensei community. This time, although the uproar is related to Rudeus, it was not caused by his attitudes or comments, but because a long-awaited moment in Mushoku Tensei was finally animated and not all fans liked the result.

Mushoku Tensei generates debate among fans over the animation of this long-awaited reunion between Rudeus and Roxy

Mushoku Tensei Rudeus Y Roxy Anime

In this week’s chapter of Mushoku Tensei, we had a moment that many fans of this story were waiting for, and it is nothing more than the reunion between Rudeus and Roxy, after she spent a month there after accidentally activating a teleportation trap. This moment in which both characters meet again, was very emotional in the light novel and that is why the fans of Mushoku Tensei were waiting with great excitement to finally see it animated. The long-awaited moment came and, although many fans praised the work done in the episode, others were not very happy with how the scene turned out.

One early fan commented “The amount of people last week cried over this thinking it was omitted, but they even showed how she was suffering for a month alone in that dungeon. Content omitted or rearranged.”, since according to the order of events in the story, the followers of this franchise expected to see this part in the last chapter; however, it was not so and only this week it was possible to see it in the anime, so they came to think that this would be something that would not be included in the anime, but it was a very nice surprise that it was considered.

Another user denoted a curious difference between the light novel and the anime, “The difference in height of Rudeus in the novel and the anime is incredible In the novel it is clearly seen that he is bent down and little else is raising it and in the anime although he is taller than Roxy, the difference is not so much”. As we could notice, this opinion was not really something negative, but only a detail that was denoted by this perceptive fan of Mushoku Tensei.

Mushoku Tensei Roxy Y Rudeus Novela Ligera

For the most part, the feeling that prevailed within the fandom was one of satisfaction, because although there were differences between the light novel and the anime, many of the followers of this story praised the work done by the animation studio to bring to life this reunion in the series for those faithful followers of Mushoku Tensei. This sentiment was noted through comments such as “Very good chapter is nothing like the novel, but Shirotaka is incomparable” “I still prefer the one in the novel, but the truth is that it was well adapted, thank heaven” “Let’s see, it was very difficult to match the novel, but it’s nice”.

As we could observe through the opinions of the fans of Mushoku Tensei, many of them were aware that it was quite complicated that these scenes were completely equal in the anime and the light novel, but that, despite this, they have ended up happy with the way in which it was decided to capture this important event within the story. What do you think of this chapter of Mushoku Tensei? Did you like the way they animated this part?

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