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Mushoku Tensei fans question Rudeus and his love affair with his waifus

Mushoku Tensei (Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation) since the release of its most recent anime adaptation in 2024, episode after episode has been on everyone’s lips for its spicy scenes or for the direction the story takes in certain episodes, and this causes a great stir among fans who express themselves and debate topics of this series in discussion forums. In the last few days a point has been the debate for a large part of the community, and this is its protagonist Rudeus Greyrat and the love relationships he has in the anime.

Mushoku Tensei’s Rudeus Greyrat unleashes fan outrage on networks

Mushoku Tensei Rudeus Greyrat Parejas

Once again everything starts in the social network X / Twitter, this time the topic of discussion and debate was the popular series Mushoku Tensei, all thanks to the protagonist, Rudeus Greyrat, who is somewhat peculiar in terms of love relationships that the anime has originated debates that revolve mainly around their waifus. It was the user of this same network, Zroly who gives rise to a heated discussion, but that in a way is already recurrent if this anime is concerned.

The user writes that he believes that there are works that are going to have to start putting a notice of what “reincarnation” means, since it seems that in some works it is understood and in others it is not. What the user wants to imply with his comment is that Rudeus of Mushoku Tensei, in the first instance, although it acts under these criteria, does not mean that the whole work acts in this way. Worst of all, the work makes a pretty clear differentiation when it comes to Rudeus, as with his case there is a mostly negative reaction among fans.

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This user received a response from another user named Ononok1peace, who brings to the topic another anime character who in the user’s words is also “an example of double standards”. It is here where now the famous husbando Uzui Tengen, from Kimetsu no Yaiba, enters the topic, since within the community of anime fans this pillar is considered a successful example in love by having 3 beautiful wives. While Rudeus from the anime Mushoku Tensei, who shares the situation of having several wives, is harshly criticized in networks for his past and present.

In this case, Uzui and Rudeus have three wives, Uzui’s are Makio, Suma and Hinatsuru, while Rudeus’ are Slyphiette, Roxy and Eris, but the latter is accused for his lifestyle that is “morally wrong” and the other has nothing wrong with him because he is handsome. This shows that fans do not judge all the characters equally even though they have almost the same situation, in the comments they say that Uzui is accepted because she is a beloved character, while Rudeus, from Mushoku Tensei is a bit shady, since there would be a lot of age difference involved.

Kimetsu No Yaiba Tengen Uzui Y Esposas

The plot of Mushoku Tensei introduces us to our protagonist, who loses his life in our world to be transported to a fantasy realm. Here we will meet Rudeus Greyrat, who in his past life was a sad 34 year old man, but when he arrives to this new world, he arrives as a baby, keeping the memories of his past life, with this in mind, he must adapt to the mind of an adult in the body of a boy.

With his knowledge, the protagonist of Mushoku Tensei climbs quickly in life, becoming a talented magician, but also seeks to become an equally skilled swordsman, so his potential is only limited to what he wants. When he gets a new opportunity to change his life, Rudeus will do everything he can to find what he lacked in the past, among them his greatest desire: to fall in love.

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