Mushoku tensei

Mushoku tensei: Eris Greyrat’s personality portrayed in illustration

Short tempered, a swordsman who performs well on the battlefield of Mushoku tensei, the crimson-haired beauty, Eris Greyrat who is brought in an illustration by artist “@Deinatch”, which is a constant on the platform making works of these waifus, where Eris, who is someone who has a bit of an aggressive attitude at times, but it is not something that can encompass the character, since, as the chapters go by, this one grows as a remarkable person in the series.

A sensual Eris Greyrat from Mushoku tensei is portrayed in this illustration.

Mushoku Tensei Eris Greyrat Ilustración 1

Illustrated by the talented “@Deinatch”, this character of Mushoku tensei, Eris Greyrat who is a first class swordsman with a lot of future in his skills, for today we can see her majestic face that normally gets angry easily, but the attention of this image is diverted a little lower, highlighting her bust and hips, a quality work made by this artist that you can follow and support if you wish here.

In this work that represents our beloved Eris from Mushoku Tensei we can observe her with her usual long red hair as well as her big eyes, she lies seated while drinking from a sweet nectar that supports the large size of her bust. The clothes she wears are defined in a strapless blouse that intended to hide the charms of the character, but they were not able to, going down we observe a short skirt that delicately tucks her thighs.

Her expression and pose correspond to a relaxed moment to enjoy the milkshake she is sipping, although given that she is seated, her gifts are accentuated with grace and her unique essence protrudes in each of her pores, a realistic scene of the character.

Mushoku Tensei Eris Greyrat Ilustración 3

An illustrated work of this wild character of Mushoku tensei, who thanks to the artist, shows us a more relaxed side and with a different clothing than usual, but that offers us a detailed view of this beautiful Eris, which faithfully follows the original design, although it is true that the character currently in her hair has some degraded to white by certain events of the series, but it is not something that causes disconcert, since the character in most cases looks like this.

The red-haired Eris, who in the series offers us so many pleasant moments with Rudeus (protagonist of the series), starting as a promising swordsman with a rude and temperamental to somewhat violent character, and then consolidating her expression and skills as someone more mature in the field and in life, truly a character that can be interesting, we recommend taking a look at that series, Mushoku Tensei, a quality work that lately is climbing steps in popularity.

Mushoku Tensei Eris Greyrat Ilustración 2